Thursday, April 2, 2009

Too funny- The Doobie Diaper!

Ok, ok, so yes cloth diapering is good for babies and good for the environment. But is also fun. Collecting cute diapers to use makes the task of cleaning bottoms entertaining. In the CD community there is always a "hot new diaper" that everyone wants to get and try. This year it has been Goodmama fitted diapers. I even admit to owning a few that I bought a much lower price second hand.

Anyway, today I was reading along about the latest GM buzz and had to LOL about an apparent oopsie they made! They released a diaper in a fabric they called SK8 4VR (skate forever) which they intended to be a hip, boy-ish look like this:

Unfortunately, they didn't look too closely at the whole bolt of fabric and missed out on other details of the design! It is sprinkled with drug images: joints and cocaine references (the eight ball and razor blade.) Just what every hip baby wants to wear! You can buy the rare Doobie Dipe here! $95.00!

When asked about the diaper, the company representative said:
When we purchased this fabric, we did not know those were drug-related images. To be perfectly honest, none of us here at goodmama are familiar with drug symbolism. To us, the supposed marijuana image looked like a pool stick, which went in hand with what we thought was just a normal 8 ball. We were highly embarrassed to discover this fabric had not-so-innocent representations. We were notified by customers of our gaffe, and have since offered a full refund no questions asked on these diapers. Trust me when I say we do not in any way support the drug industry. Some people however do not want to return them and find them a subject of intense humor at our expense :/ You can be sure that from here on out we are being extra careful about the fabrics we select. We stopped production on this particular fabric, but unfortunately we cannot force everyone to return the diaper. Many have, but as you can see on hyenacart, not everyone felt that returning it for a refund would be nearly as fun as showing off our mistake.

Oh man, I can't imagine a company that designs clothing for infants making such a huge error. This was really one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile.


RK said...

I gotta admit that had you not told me what those were, I'd have totally missed it too. I am clueless as to that kind of symbols. I guess I should be glad. :o)

Brandie said...

That is too funny. I would have been clueless about the 8 ball, but may have picked up on the doobie. But, it does look like a pencil, sorta.

I have a friend who has some GM's and she loves them. Blueberry pockets are about as fancy as I get ;)

Karen said...

I find the whole thing hysterical myself. Note to self: Be careful of what fabrics I select in the future.

jane said...


JennyH said...

That is funny! I wouldn't have figured it out on my own though.