Friday, May 30, 2008

Sticker Patch Monsters

Daddy's deck crew found a new source of fun... turning into sticker monsters! These little creatures came knocking at the door to scare Mommy. What was actually scary was the amount of little burrs I had to pick off their clothes before I could wash them.

When they are not scary monsters, they are super heros! Aunt Tanya passed down a Spidey jammie that Adam outgrew to Aidan. Well, Mr Sean wanted his OWN Spidey shirt, so Mommy found one on ebay. He is happier than a fly at a salad bar!

We also got to see how the Ella Roo is growing today. I had a sono to make sure she isn't suffering any issues due to the isoimmunity. She looks great! She's an estimated 3 lbs already. We could see hair on her head and eyelashes, how cool. Of course, I also asked to make sure she hadn't sprouted a turtle and she is still a girl. I also had the 1 hour gluclose test done, so I should find out next week if my bloodwork looks good. I start going in for check ups every 2 weeks now, so it sure makes the birthdate seem to tick louder!

We are off on a family vacation this coming week, so hopefully I will return with some fun photos.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

One More!

I'm setting a record today- 3 blog posts in one day!

I was playing catch up on my favorites list and saw a link at Garden of Eagan that I fell in love with. Daniel Drinker is a blog written by Dan's brother, Will, about his brother, Dan, who has Down syndrome. It appears that they are within a couple of years in age of each other, Dan being the oldest, and they have a younger sister, too. Will has a love of film making, and watching the little movies they made as teens was just a blast. Aidan and Sean especially loved the Star Wars bit. Will is making documentaries of Dan's life, but it is also really about acceptance, love and family.

I laughed and cried thru the two video collages Will made to mark Dan's graduation. What an active and fun life this family has had! I can't explain how I felt watching these, it was such a mix of good emotions. Every time I meet a young adult with Down syndrome that has siblings, I see nothing but positivity within the family. The siblings are so happy to have each other, so proud of each one's accomplishments and personality. It just makes me feel optomistic about our families future and confident that Sean's siblings will not feel burdened by him, but rather blessed just as any other sibling would feel.

Hope you have a chance to drop in on Dan and Will!

End of the School Year

Today is the last day of preschool. The boys have had a wonderful year at the Early Education Center. We really couldn't be happier with how much they have grown and learned in this school. A couple of weeks ago, the school had a field trip to the Wichita Zoo and I've been late in sharing pics. Here are a couple, I can't share many because they have photos of the other kids and I don't have permission to post their photos.

Last friday was Graduation/Recognition Day, so Doug and I got to see the boys' classes put on a singing program and get their certificates. It was absolutely adorable! Sean did fairly well singing in front of so many parents, but once he saw me he broke out the bottom lip and didn't want to sing anymore. Here's a cute one before he noticed me, he is signing along to the song as his friend Gabe watches.

Aidan was packed in tight with his buds, so I don't have any individual pics of him. They sang the funniest song, Tony Knows, that I need to look up the words to because it was cracking everyone up. We are so proud of both of the boys! Aidan is super excited about starting kindergarten, so having the summer off is going to seem pretty long to him. Sean has a 3 week summer session at school to attend in June, then we are ready for long days together.

Deck Demo Has Begun!

Last weekend, Doug, Aidan and Sean started the deck demolition so our summer project has begun! First, before photos:

You can see that it is very aged, but what you can't see is that a lot of the support beams are rotting and it is really weak in areas. I'm afraid of falling thru it! Plus the kids get splinters often.

Here's our crew:

Aidan tries to haul a big sheet of lattice to the trailer.

Sean sees that Daddy is wearing a hat and work gloves, so he and Aidan ask for theirs.

It took them two days and two evenings, but Doug got that sucker torn down and the boys helped pile the wood onto a trailer to go to the dump. Sean adores the dirt pit where the deck was. We have had to do baths every night this week!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A little Art from Aidan

Aidan loves playing with this Adobe Paint program we have on our computer. Today he did this portrait of Mommy and Baby E.

How cute!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm So Spoiled!

I had the best Mother's Day weekend! I feel so loved and spoiled that I want to say thank you again to everyone.

First, my lil dudes made me some gifts at school. Sean gave me a cute little watercolored box with a small jar of bath salts and a beaded bracelet. Aidan made a nifty photo clipper magnet for the fridge. Doug gave me a silver necklace with three little discs that have the kids names hand-stamped into them (even Eleanor's!) and the funniest cards.

My mom took my younger sister and I to a nail place for pedi's and mani's. Then she treated me to some new nursing bras. We also had a great lunch together sans kids! Luxury!

My mother & father-in-laws gave me the cutest and comfiest looking summer maternity dress from A Pea in a Pod! I can't wait to wear it!

Sunday, we went to brunch with my family then drove back home after our weekend there. The boys had fun mellowing out at home and playing with the neighbor's visiting grandson while I did a bit of painting in Ella's room. We had Mexican take out for dinner and went to bed early. Very nice day together.

Hope everyone else had an enjoyable Mother's Day!

Tag, I'm it!

Melissa, at Banana Migraine, tagged me to answer a little bit about me. Hope this isn't too boring to read!

4 places I go over and over
1. the Early Education center
2. Doug's office
3. Dillons Grocery Store (I swear I go 3x a week.)
4. Target

4 people that email me
1. my mom
2. my FIL
3. ebay
4. paypal (sorry, Doug.)

4 of my favorite foods
1. sushi- YUM!
2. Pad See-ew
3. Chocolate chip cookies
4. strawberry banana shakes

4 places I would rather be right now
1. in the shower
2. baby stuff shopping
3. on vacation somewhere warm with my guys
4. napping in bed!

4 movies I could watch over and over
1. just caught this yesterday- Blue Lagoon
2. Toy Story
3. The Breakfast Club
4. Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe