Monday, April 28, 2008

A Lick! A Bite!!!

Major breaking news story!

Friday, when I picked Sean up from preschool, his teacher said "Sean took 3 bites of chocolate pudding today!" This is the most he has eaten at school, where he gets feeding therapy daily with an occupational therapist. They have been working on getting him to take one "try me" bite of whatever the other kids eat. Friday's success was very exciting for all of us. Aidan and I applauded Sean and praised him for being such a big boy.

That evening, Doug ran some errands and brought back three chocolate cones from DQ. Aidan, Doug and I were eating them and Sean showed interest in pretending to eat a cone. Doug offered him a taste of his cone, and Sean grabbed onto it with both hands. He took a little lick, with a big smile, hanging his tongue out to show everyone his taste! We all clapped and said "Hooray!" while rubbing our bellies and telling Sean "Yummy yummy!" He closed his mouth and signed yummy yummy back to us, then grabbed the cone for another lick. Again, he turned to his fan club for encouragement and we gave it with enthusiasm. He took one more lick, then decided that was enough for one day. WOW!

Sunday afternoon, Aidan and I were upstairs and I saw Sean WALKING up the stairs with something in his hand. (Normally Sean prefers to crawl up the stairs unless some one is next to him to spot him.) When he got to the top I saw that it looked like he hand Aidan's cheese & crackers snack he was eating earlier. Sean said "Aidan! Aidan! Eat!"

Aidan discovered that Sean had just brought up two crackers, so he took one and offered Sean the other. Mind you, usually when we offer Sean food he says "no no no" and throws it. This time, Sean kept the cracker and watched Aidan take a bite of his. Sean put the cracker up to his mouth and looked at us. We said "Yummy! Have a bite, Sean." Sean took the tiniest little bite and awaited applause. He held the little bite between his lower teeth and tongue, but didn't dare close his mouth. We congratulated him on his bite and encourage him to chew and swallow. Instead he took another tiny bite. Aidan said "Wait a minute, Sean!" (and then Doug's favorite Kramer line) "These crackers are making me thirsty." Aidan ran downstairs to get drinks for them, and brought them back up. Sean took one more tiny bite, offered a bite to me, then decided he was done and put it on the dresser. He still hadn't closed his mouth or swallowed the crackers yet, so he trotted over to the bed and spit it out on the bed. Nice, huh?

Well, he may not have eaten the cracker, but taking a bite is a big step for him. So far all he's been willing to do is lick them at school. I felt like I did whe he took his first step, like we were finally at the beginning of the end of baby food. I felt hope that he will one day eat like everyone else.

I cleaned up the bed, then returned the remains & drinks to the kitchen. I told Doug what happened and he said "Aidan's crackers?" I said yes. He said "I just threw those in the trash a few minutes ago. I saw Sean messing with the trash can, I guess he got them out of there."

Oh dear. We are dumpster divers.....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's been ages again!

I've been in a posting slump again, sorry. Hope I haven't lost all my readers forever! Time for another update.

Things have been going well with my pregnancy. My antibody levels have continued to remain low, so I am grateful to not have those concerns on my mind. I am following a fellow blogger that has the same antibody issues, but at the other end of the spectrum where her baby has been fighting anemia for weeks. She is going in for the forth in-utero blood transfusion tomorrow, so I am praying for another successful procedure. Here is Cara's blog, if you'd like to keep her family in your prayers, too: Me A Mom

I am easing into the nesting phase of pregnancy now, mainly because I fear that it will be too hot to do much near the end. We re-arranged furniture to clear out the baby's room so that I can start painting in there. For now, the queen size bed is in the boys' bedroom along with Aidan's rarely used twin bed. Doug has been trying to get Aidan and Sean adjusted to sharing that room by sleeping in there with them. Sean and Doug like it just fine, but Aidan still wakes up and runs to hop in with Mommy around 2 am. I am hoping that he is willing to sleep in there before the baby arrives, as I do not need a 5 yr old kicking me in my back while very pregnant!

I told Aidan what we plan on naming his baby sister and he has been spreading the news like a busy bee. Might as well share it here, too. :) It's Eleanor Ruby. The first name is after my grandmother and the second name is one I fell in love with this pregnancy. We have nicknamed her "Ella", so Aidan has been telling people that his baby's name is Ella Ruby. Too stinkin' cute.

We are in the last month of preschool now and trying to decide how we will spend our summer. Sean can attend a summer session at school, but I haven't heard the dates and times yet. We are thinking about signing Aidan up for a summer sport, probably t-ball. He hasn't participated in any organized sports yet, so we wonder if it is something he would enjoy. I did get him pre-enrolled at the Magnet School near our house that we want the kids to attend. He is actually excited about going there, but the adjustment to all day school will probably take him awhile to get used to. Doug is hoping to spend some time this summer rebuilding our deck- a much needed project!

As much as I am trying to prepare for our new arrival and cut back on other activities, I have come to the conclusion that life marches forward! I recently attended an orientation meeting to volunteer as the parent-to-parent support person for new families of children with Down syndrome in my city. I look forward to being able to reach out to others and hopefully help them as they begin this journey. I am also starting to think about the October Buddy Walk and how much I feel I can assist this year. In November, our city will once again be hosting the annual Kansas La Leche League conference so I will probably find a way to offer my help there. Then we add in two different schools that the boys will attend (Sean at preschool and Aidan at kindergarten) and I know I will want to be involved with their projects. Baby Ella is going to be a girl on the go!

Well, this is a lengthy bit for everyone to chew on for awhile. I'll end it with a peek at the growing belly being showered with love by her siblings!