Thursday, May 22, 2008

One More!

I'm setting a record today- 3 blog posts in one day!

I was playing catch up on my favorites list and saw a link at Garden of Eagan that I fell in love with. Daniel Drinker is a blog written by Dan's brother, Will, about his brother, Dan, who has Down syndrome. It appears that they are within a couple of years in age of each other, Dan being the oldest, and they have a younger sister, too. Will has a love of film making, and watching the little movies they made as teens was just a blast. Aidan and Sean especially loved the Star Wars bit. Will is making documentaries of Dan's life, but it is also really about acceptance, love and family.

I laughed and cried thru the two video collages Will made to mark Dan's graduation. What an active and fun life this family has had! I can't explain how I felt watching these, it was such a mix of good emotions. Every time I meet a young adult with Down syndrome that has siblings, I see nothing but positivity within the family. The siblings are so happy to have each other, so proud of each one's accomplishments and personality. It just makes me feel optomistic about our families future and confident that Sean's siblings will not feel burdened by him, but rather blessed just as any other sibling would feel.

Hope you have a chance to drop in on Dan and Will!

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