Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Stripey Doll Dress

A fun, simple, summery dress for baby dolls. This stretchy knit dress is easy for little ones to put on their babies and a quick knit. It was designed to fit a chubby 15" doll, but you can continue in pattern to make the length longer for larger dolls or reduce the length for shorter dolls. Finished garment is 6" long from center of neckline to edge of hem.

Materials: 1 skein Patons Kory Stripe Sock Yarn, set of US3 double-pointed needles, US3 16" circular needle (optional), US6 DPN, stitch marker, tapestry needle for weaving in ends.

k: knit
p: purl
sts: stitches
kfab: increase by knitting into the front and back of the stitch
m1: increase by taking the left-hand needle and pick up the bar between the stitches from front to back. Use the right needle to knit this bar through the back loop.
bo: bind off

Gauge: 6 stitches/inch and 8 rows/inch.

Cast on 72 sts onto 3 of your DPNs, place marker and join in the round, careful not to twist sts.

Rows 1-6: Knit in 2 x 2 ribbing

Row 7: Knit all sts

Row 8: *k1 m1* all the way around

Rows 9-15: knit all (you can switch over to the circular needle for this part if you want.)

Row 16: BO 36 sts, k 36 sts, bo 36 sts, k 36. I used my US6 dpn to bind off so it is a nice loose arm opening.

Row 17: place maker, rejoin, k 36, rejoin, k 36.

Rows 18-23 k all (will need DPNs as it is too snug for the circ now.)

Row 24: *k4, kfab* all the way around

Rows 25-31: k all

Row 32: *k5, kfab* all the way around. You can fit this on circ's again.

Rows 33-39: k all

Row 40: *k6, kfab* all the way around

Rows 41-46: k all

Row 47: *k7, kfab* all the way around

Rows 48-54: k all

Row 55-61: work in garter stitch by alternating between first row purled, next row knit.

Row 62: bo all sts, weave in end.

Finished! This yarn can be machine-washed in cold, lay flat to dry. It is a self-striping yarn, so it's fun to see how the colors work out as you knit it. Any self-striping, fingering weight yarn can be used to produce similar results.

ETA: This pattern is in the library on ravelry: Stripey Doll Dress. Add it to your queue!

Note: This is a free pattern, please give credit to Deborah Minner for the design by linking to this page if posted online. Thank you!


Gabriela said...

Is adorable!!!
Thank you so much for this so lovely pattern and inspiration. The babies of my daughter will be happy thanks to you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the lovely doll patterns, they are so cute!
We have some of those naked baby dolls in our home, and all they are wearing is diapers.
I will have fun making them some clothes.
You have a beautiful family, I loved reading your blog.


SunflowerStories said...

Thank you for reading!

MamaMay said...

Are you sure it is 70 cast on... 2 by 2 ribbing doesn't work with 70 stitches...

SunflowerStories said...

MamaMay, my notes say I casted on 70. I went and looked at the dress again, and sure enough I have one section with 4 rows of knit in the ribbing. LOL, guess that's what I get for making it up while flying with 3 young kids. You can cast on an extra 2 stitches if that would bother you, and adjust the other numbers in the pattern. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

nest full of eggs said...

i cannot get over how ADORABLE this is !!! thanks so much for sharing the pattern ~ i will for sure knit one :)

Danielle said...

Very kind of you, thank you very much

Ann Bovey said...

I love the look of the pattern hoping to get it knitted for Christmas for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter..she lives in Edinburgh Scotland and I live in Glasgow, many thanks Ann

Anonymous said...

Love this pattern - just to let you know Im borrowing it to knit for our OT whose dress went missing.

Anonymous said...

To make the dress fit a slimmer 15 inch baby doll, 56 stitches works well.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I just finished making one for my daughter's Lalaloopsy baby. Perfect size!

Granny Bear said...

It's 16/06/16; & I've only Just discovered yr SUPER DUPER "Stripey Doll Dress"❗THANK-U SO VERY MUCH indeed!! I have 5 wee Granddaughters+ 1 wee Grandson❗I'm sure U can understand my ecstatic Gratitude for yr MOST Kind Generosity in sharing this LOVELY Pattern with people like myself!!
Kindest regards + Best Wishes to U & yr Family~ALWAYS!! :-{} xxxx♡

Anonymous said...

Love this little dress easy to make