Sunday, February 1, 2009

Banana Before Bed

Okay, maybe he is starting to get this food thing!

Aidan was yelling at his video game in the background on that. Let's try this again without Aidan's antics.

Of course, Sean insisted on a whole banana to himself, like Aidan had, then only had a few nibbles. Mommy got to eat the rest.

We met a family yesterday for a playdate that has a new baby with Down syndrome, then we all went to lunch together at McDonalds. Sean ate lots of ketchup off of a fry, then he took Aidan's cheeseburger scrap and dipped it in ketchup for a while. He took a tiny bite of the cheeseburger bun as well! I showed him how to dip the apples in caramel and tried to get him to taste that, but he told me no. When I went to sit down at the other table, we all saw him take an apple, dip it in caramel and try it. Apparently he wasn't too excited about it, as he stuck the rest of the apple back in the bag. LOL I will probably start letting Ella experiemnt with solids within the next couple of weeks and I think I will just sit them both in their booster chairs at the same time and have "Food Play Time." Peer pressure has to have some benefits!

Speaking of eating, what's on your Super Bowl menu? We are just hanging out at home and having Doug's brother over for the game. Here's our game munchies:
Boneless Hot Wings
Pizza Rolls
Baked Potatoes with the Works
Little Smokies in Pinapple Sauce
Spinach & Artichoke Dip with blue corn chips
and of course, beer! I requested some PA beer, so we got some Rolling Rock.

Game on, folks!


Lovin Mama said...

Oh wow! He'll be raiding the fridge before you know it! You're right about the peer pressure; you can def use it to your advantage.

I'm still coming up with the Super Bowl menu. I can't make anything with cheese, so that rules out a lot of the "good stuff" Dh has a hectic work schedule so he probably won't make the whole game. His beer of choice is Keystone Light. This is the keystone state, but I don't know where it comes from. It's cheap though and as much as he drinks we can't buy pricey beer!

Jennifer said...

Wow, huge menu!! We are having subs and nachos, and hubby will have a beer or two. I usually like a margarita, but none for me this year. I was pregnant during the Steeler's last superbowl, too.

Peer pressure has been amazing in our house in the food department. It's usually the youger sibling copying the older, but in our house it is reversed.

nana said...

That is Super. Way to go Sean. When I come to your house maybe you and I can share a banan together. I am very proud of you. Lots of love.

Sarah said...

Rolling Rock.... yum. Funny, I thikn I drank more Rolling Rock when I lived in KS than I have living in NY (which is funny because its closer to PA).

Way to go Sean!

Beverly said...

He looks so cute eating his banana! Your game food sounds good! We are having salmon patties, potato cakes and green beans.

Don't Lick The Ferrets! said...

He's got that banana thing down pat! He is SO cute! I love to see kids in action!

Little Miss E said...
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Little Miss E said...

Woops, I just realized I was logged into MY blog instead of Little Miss E's when I posted the previous comment! Sorry!

When Em saw the video she kept signing "banana" and said "YUM!"

Rebecca said...

My son loves bananas, too. I'm just happy he actually eats them now instead of smearing them all over.