Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Phone Call after Phone Call- finally making progress!

So I decided today to tackle some phone business that I've been dreading. Not because I don't want answers, but because I hate hanging on the phone all day. Luckily, I think it is going to pay off.

1. Sean and Aidan went to the Parents Nite Out fundraiser at Sean's school Saturday night. Doug, Ella and I went to dinner then picked them up. They only stayed 1/2 of the time of the fundraiser. When we picked them up, Sean's glasses were missing. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until we got home and didn't find them in his bag. I waited till Monday to see if they were in the office and no one has any idea what happened to them. After searching high and low, I am giving up.

First, I called a local optical shop to see about getting new glasses filled there instead of at his pediatric opthomologist's office (it's an hour away.) Then I had to call the Ped Op to get the Rx transferred. Then I started emailing with Specs4Us about getting a pair of their frames to try. More calls with the optical shop regarding fitting Sean. Calls to Medicaid about coverage for replacing lost glasses.

Good news is he gets 3 pairs a year covered. Good news is the local shop is willing to try the Specs4Us frames. Bad news is it will take a couple weeks to get them in and lenses made.

2. Per Beverly's advice, I called the medical equipment place we used for a nebulizer and asked about Medicaid diapers. Good news is she is mailing me all the forms and info I need to send to her to get that rolling.

3. I'm taking the leap into a difficult decision. I am taking my 16 year old cat to the vet tomorrow to discuss putting her to sleep. We have been trying to get her potty issues under control for over a year and I just can't do it anymore. I can't have Eleanor crawling on pee-stinking floors. Doug is tired of shampooing the carpet every morning. I am tired of the lingering smell. She hasn't been in good health in a long time and I just need to let her go for her sake and ours.

My parents don't think I can do it, they've heard me complain about her for too long. Fact is, I love my children more than my pet and I have to put their needs first. It is going to be hard on the boys, especially Sean as he loves his kitties so. Luckily, our other cat hasn't followed Audrey's path of destruction. So we will still have one fluffy kitty to love on.

Please give me strength to do what I need to do tomorrow. Audrey and I have been together since the day she was born, in fact I watched her birth. It's going to be hard to lose my old friend.


Lovin Mama said...

What a rough decision. I'm sure you're doing the right thing. {{hugs}}

Sarah said...

sorry about Audry. I remember her. It's hard when you have to put a pet down- we had to once- and watching my niece sing "Hush Little Baby" to the dog the night before was nearly heart breaking. But you are right in your decision. She probably is suffering, and your kids do come first. Hugs!

Beverly said...

So sorry about your cat! I know it is hard but you know what is right for your family and her!
I hate making phone calls too!

JennyH said...

It is SO hard to lose a pet you have had for so long. But Kitty heaven will be perfect for her.

That is awesome about 3 pairs of glasses a year! Do you have some waiver for the Medicaid? We were told there was no way to be on Medicaid (well, Max to be) except for income based.

SunflowerMom said...

Sarah, that story is too sweet!

Jenny, it is income based in KS until age 5, then you can apply for the MR waiver. When I quit working our income was low enough to qualify. The cut off for a family of five is a lot higher than I expected. You should look into it!

Terri said...

I feel you with regard to the cat. My cat is "elderly" and sickly, throwing up quite often - which doesn't help with children and light colored carpeting. It's a tough thing to do. HUGS!