Monday, February 9, 2009

I'm Iriked at our Pediatrician

I took E in for her 6 mo WBV this morning and the first thing the Ped did when she walked in the room was hand me a print out(written and funded by the maker of RotaTeq) that tries to dispute information from The Vaccine Book by Dr Sears. This is 4 months after she told me "We will just have to agree to disagree on this, but I will let you follow that schedule."

Plus, I asked her 3 different times (in the past 3 months) about Medicaid funded diapers for Sean and she always says "I'll look it up and call you" but hasn't. She said she knows she just needs to write a script and has done it for another family but then she doesn't follow up with me!

Yet she has time to look up anti-Sears info...

In other news, she said Eleanor was doing great and looked good. She weighs 17 lbs 7 oz (70th %) and is 27" (90th %) tall.

Of course, the Ped wanted to make sure I was starting solids (which she defined as iron-fortified rice cereal) and suggested I give her baby multivitamins since she isn't getting copious amounts of artificial vitamins from infant formula. *rolls eyes and plugs ears, asks, mentally, "And when did you become a nutritionist?"*

This little one is the picture of good health, flourishing on 100% mother's milk, the way nature intended infants to grow.

Combine the above remarks and attitudes with her poorly worded compliments:
"She has a beautiful round head, no flat spots at all! I just don't see...well actually I do see parents just leave their babies laying around and get those flat spots." (Nice way to lay blame on parents!)

"I bet you've forgotten what it's like to have a baby that eats! Well, of course Sean has his texture issues to overcome, but there comes a time when you need to put on your Mean Mom Face and just say that's it!" (Yes, I'm a pushover and that's why Sean has feeding issues.)

(After I said that I started giving Ella a bit of food to try last week, but not much has been ingested yet.) "You know my daughter is still pushing it out with her tongue too. (Her daughter is a week younger than Ella.) I told her, 'Listen hear, sweetie, you've got to get the hang of this! I can't keep nursing you all the time much longer!'" (Tongue thrust reflex is an indicator that a baby is not ready for solids yet.)

Sigh. You know I don't expect that I will find a dr the has all my parenting ideals or the sensitivity learned by being a SN parent, but it gets tough to grin in bare it every visit. I have to keep in mind that I go to the dr for medical advice, not parenting advice.


Beverly said...

She is so darn cute and I love her outfit!
About the diapers. Call a medical supply company that delivers diapers. They will ask for your medicaid info and get the script from the dr or ask you to do it and fax to them. This is how it worked here in TX and in PA. Good luck!

Lovin Mama said...

Well lets just hope she learns something from your healthy bf girl! I went through 3 peds in 5 years before we found the group we are with. We don't always agree, but they trust me as a mom and always respect my wishes.

I had a nurse at the DS clinic suggest that Goldie's flat head was "positional" as she looked at me over the top of her glasses. You can bet I set her straight! I was shocked, we didn't even bring her into the office in a carseat.

Jennifer said...

There are so many comments I could make about your post that I don't even know where to start. Just know that you are not alone and stay strong!

Are you tempted to look for another pediatrician?

Karen said...

Push for the diapers. It's sooo nice to have them paid for and delivered right to your door every month. You deserve them, that's what the insurance is for, and you need to make it happen. I'd be peeved at the doctor as well. Is there another pediatrician that you could try?

jane said...

Sheesh! No comment on your unfortunate ped., but wanted to send some love re: Ella's pic...the picture of health indeed, she's a beauty mama! WTG for following you instincts and parenting with your heart instead of a strangers advice.

SunflowerMom said...

Thanks friends! Doug thought the whole thing was pretty annoying too. He said, "why is she so stuck on this? Is she just that used to people following her every word?"

I'd love to say we had a better option as far as a Ped goes, but from what I know of the other drs in town, she is about the best. Like I said, I am glad that I have the ability and interest in educating myself instead of just sucking up everything I am told.

I will call the med supply store and see what they say, good tip Bev!

JennyH said...

I am getting mad for you. Sometimes doctors think they know everything! It's very annoying! She looks great to me!

datri said...

Ugh on the ped. Would you be willing to travel to find a different one? We drive 45 minutes to see our pediatrician and 2 hours to see our developmental pediatrician. It can be a pain, but worth it to see someone who respects your concerns.