Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Mom Game Show

A cross between Name That Tune and Survivor.

Schwarmy game show host Tony presents the challenge to two competing moms.

Tony: Ladies, we have one 18 lb baby in a 8 lb infant car seat, 12 sacks of groceries, 2 gallons of milk, a diaper bag and a locked front door. Who can unload the mini van with the fastest and with the least amount of trips?

Mom 1: Tony, I can unload that van in 4 trips.

Mom 2: Tony, I can unload that van in 3 trips.

Mom 1: Tony, I can unload that van in 2 trips.

Mom 2: Go ahead! Unload that van!

Mom 1 unlatches baby carrier and sits baby by the tailgate. She throws the diaper bag on one shoulder, loops 6 bags on one arm, then loops the carrier on the other arm, keys in hand. Staggers to front door, unlocks door, sits carrier on floor & rushes bags to kitchen. Races back out to van. Loops 3 bags on each arm, one gallon in each hand. Pushes tailgate remote to close van doors and races back to kitchen!

Tony: You did it! That's $1000 for Mom 1! For a bonus of $500, get wiggly, refuses to listen or hold hands toddler in the house as well! No meltdowns and you get a chance at the lightening round!

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