Saturday, February 7, 2009

Uh Oh! He Kissed a Girl!

Thursday evening, Aidan and I sat down together to make a birthday card for his best girl friend, Mali. She turned six that day and he wanted to make a card to give to her the next day since we forgot to the night before. So Aidan got out his crayons and paper, I folded the sheet in half and told him to color on the outside and we'd right a message on the inside.

He drew pictures of himself and Mali playing outside in the sun, under rainbows. He had me help him draw a dress on Mali and colored it with purple polka dots. He put a lot of time and details in his drawing and then asked me to help write inside. He said, "I want it to say 'This is why I love Mali...'" I said, "How about if we write, 'Things I like about Mali' instead?" He agreed and had me write the following list of attributes:

1. You are nice.
2. I like to play with you.
3. You are cute.
4. We are in the same class.
5. You are fun.

Then I wrote, 'Happy Birthday, Mali. Your friend,' and he signed his name. I gave him one of my fancy velum envelopes to seal it up in and we tucked it in his backpack for Friday.

When Doug arrived to pick up Aidan from school, Mali's mom was also there and Aidan's teacher stepped aside with them to tell them that something happened between Aidan and Mali. Aidan kissed Mali at school. Mali told the teacher that Aidan did this and the teacher talked to Aidan about how we need to respect each other's personal space and do not hug and kiss at school. Mali's mom was not upset, said something along the lines of "A budding romance!" Doug apologized and said he was sure that Aidan wouldn't do it again. Aidan gave Mali his card to open at home and they all left.

Aidan was very upset about the whole thing. He cried, "She doesn't love me! She isn't my friend because she told on me! She thinks I'm a doofus!" He said that he just kissed her on her cheek because he wants her to be his valentine. He was just sure that he'd lost his best friend. We assured him that it was probably all okay and that Mali wasn't mad at him. We told him that schools just have rules that you can't give hugs and kisses to your friends.

Our little Casanova! If this is six what will sixteen be like?


Jennifer said...

That is the most adorable story!! Wait until you remind him of this when he's 16!! He'll be so embarrassed!

Lovin Mama said...

Aaaawww. I think this says a lot about the love he sees at home:) Beautiful story.

Beverly said...

Too sweet!

Little Miss E said...

Ah, how cute!!

JennyH said...

That is funny!!

Terri said...