Friday, February 6, 2009

Vintage Cartoons

Doug took over bedtime routines and tuck ins for the boys when Eleanor was born. I admit, it's been hard at times for me to sit on my hands and zip it so that he can do things his way with them. Luckily, the boys enjoy this special time with Daddy and they all seemed to adjust fairly well.

One thing that Doug does that is different from my method, is he incorporated time for a short cartoon before bed. The three pile in together and watch one on the bedroom tv. Doug selected vintage cartoons for this time because they are short and the boys enjoy them. He made dvd copies of the entire Pink Panther cartoon collection and is now collecting vintage Looney Toons. It's so amazing to see how these old cartoons, most without dialog, keep the boys quiet, relaxed and riveted. Doug loves reliving his childhood memories of watching these and recites lines he remembers. Last night it was "My mama done told me... bring home somethin' for dinner!"

The boys love sharing this time together and it really helps them zip up to bed and get in jammies. They bargain with him for "just one more" but have been surprisingly peaceful about Doug's limits. Sometimes I am jealous that I don't get to snuggle in with them!

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Jennifer said...

Maybe you can convince my hubby to put the boys to bed every night. I'm usually DONE by that point in the day!