Monday, October 11, 2010

We love Playgroup!

It's hard to imagine that our little playgroup is still going strong after three years! Some of the original kids have grown up and gone on to school, so they only attend in the summer. Several of us have had new babies, so there are new young ones to grow up in the group. I can honestly say that I look forward to going every time we meet, I get so much out of our time together that the hour and a half just speeds by.

Our last playdate was at the local zoo. The number of families that attend varies each time, but it's always a good mix and Ella is so excited to see her little friends.

All the kiddos together.

Little farm girl!

This female turkey gave them a talkin' to when they walked near her man. :)


kim said...

you inspired me to take on the blogging challenge! i've been kind of blah lately with my blog, but sometimes it is just nice to post a pic!

glad to see you back too.

i LOVE the pic of your daughter milking the "cow". a girl after my own heart.....

xxxooo - kim

Cindy said...

So nice to have a great group for that long! Thanks for sharing! :)