Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Santa....

I've been doing a lot of Christmas pseudo-shopping lately. Meaning, I have been looking for things to get people but not buying them yet. Of course, that's mainly due to the fact that the money tree in the back yard has lost all of it's leaves. Ha ha ha. So instead of clicking the Buy It Now button, I thought I'd share some goodies I found.

1. For Sean: Tucking In a cute lift-the-flap board book to send him subliminal messages about eating table food.

2. For Ella: Amber Teething Necklace. I've seen these worn by a lot of babies and think they are so pretty! Since Miss E is a drooling gal, I wonder how much longer before this slobber kicks over to teething.

3. For Ella: Hopscotch Jill Baby Legs. Baby Legs are so cute and make diaper changes handy! These will be great on our wood floors when she starts crawling. I also like these sold by our online buddy, Bethany. Pink & Grey Stripes, Black & White Stripes- reliving my high school years, and Jester Jill.

4. For Sean: This is just exactly where he is right now, I Can Do It Myself shirt, size 4T. I saw these shirts last year and wanted one for him, but am too cheap to pay $22 for a shirt. Yet, it is so perfect for him.

5. For Aidan: Some new Spongebob Squarepants PJs and Batman, too. Size 6/7.

6. For Sean: He would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this set of Singing Wiggles Action Figures.

7. For moi: I think this would be so cool! A Printed, Bound Copy of my Blog.

8. Our king size bed needs a new set of sheets in desert khaki or cream. The queen size bed would look pretty with these pink and white sheets.

9. For Aidan: How fun is this! A wooden Catapult! Homemade Slime Making Kits! And these Thumb Warriors just crack me up!

10. This is a must for my nephews Seth and Adam: Mini Marshmallow Shooters. Heh heh heh!

11. Doug's new favorite weekend shirt? Retro Atari, size XXL!

12. One last item, just to drive Gramma crazy: A Beautiful Pigeon shirt for Ella, size 6-12 mos. Gramma *hates* pigeons and our town has almost as many as NYC. They like to roost on our house and at the office.


Grrrrandpa said...

You are a hoot! Guess Grandma will have to use this list to do a little Santa Clausing! I'm interested in the catapult! Maybe we could sling some of those pigeons.

Cheri said...

You crack me up. The marshmallow shooters were a hoot over at my mom's one year. She bought them for all the grandkids and they had the best time! The ones featured are a little fancier than the ones the kids had...but so much fun! You may even be able to make these if you or your husband are handy... :)

Cristina said...

hey there! thanks for linking to our site in your list. we sell the babylegs too, and for anyone nice enough to buy you and your kids a gift, use coupon code "repeat" in the checkout for $5 off. we're glad you like our sassy onesies (and tees)!