Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving with Gramma & Grampa

The Pilgrim and the Native American are ready to eat!

Grampa carves the bird.

Gramma puts out veggies faster than Aidan can gobble them up.

The Turkey Day girls!

Daddy and his Ella Bean.

No pictures of Mommy, she was too busy chowing on the feast. And no pictures of Unc Curt, he spent the day in and out of consciousness due to having elbow surgery the day before.

The kids had fun, they ate a little, played a little, and napped a lot. We finally got smarter than Sean and brought a baby gate over so he couldn't excape the loft and make us search the whole building for him. Doug and I enjoyed some relaxing in front of the tv with the family. We've spent Black Friday hanging out at home. No crazy shopping for us!

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Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Looks like a wonderful time - I love the first picture with the hats. I remember doing that as a kid. :)