Monday, November 24, 2008

She's 16 weeks old

and look at what she started doing today!

Whenever my kids have rolled over for the first time, I am reminded of my younger sister, Tanya and her first son, Seth. They were living in Alaska (her husband was stationed in Anchorage) when Seth was born. She called me one day and said, "Guess what?! Seth just rolled over!" I replied, "ummm, okay, do you need to go get him or something?"

I was a single college gal and had no idea that rolling over was a developmental milestone! Ha ha ha! She said, "No! It was his first time rolling over! I was just so excited I had to call someone and tell them!"Poor sis! Her excitment was wasted on someone who knew nothing!

Fast foward to Aidan, our first. I remember Doug and I spending tons of time playing o the floor with him, urging him to roll over. I think he finally did right at 4 months also, and then went the other direction a couple weeks later. Boy, were we excited!!! I think I called Tanya first to tell her that I finally got it! Mr. Sean impressed us by rolling over both ways a couple weeks before his brother did. We couldn't believe it! We had prepared ourselves for this to be his first delay.

So yay for Ella! She's moving right along with her brothers. As I recall, the downside to mobility is diapering takes on a new challenge. Tiny tushies on the run.

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Jennifer said...

So exciting!! Many happy rolls to come....