Friday, November 28, 2008

The Real Deal Tag

My friend Sarah at RumTum Crafts is starting this tag and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Here's the tag:

take a picture the way you would normally do to post on your blog, preferably crop it to showcase the subject. Then show us the "real deal"... the nitty gritty daily clutter that we sometimes try to avoid posting. Talk about the messes you cut out in the cropped picture. We'll still love you!!! Then tag at least two people and link back to your post. OK? Sound fun? Can't wait to be invited into every one's real life.

I had to do some digging to find a photo to work with, because I usually edit my photos and trash the original version. LOL Here is one I haven't used, because I didn't like all my crap in the background. The best I could crop it:

Aidan giving the Horns Up and Sean giving Double Thumbs Up.

Here's the original photo.

My clutter exposed.
A. The litter box. In my kitchen. Sorry, I know it's gross but I don't have a better place to put it. I hate litter boxes in bathrooms and we forbid cat access to the basement. At least it's not easy to forget that it needs to be cleaned.

B. Trick or Treat Bucket. The boys still are playing with these daily, so I haven't carried them to the basement storage room. I'm sick of seeing them around the house, though.

C. Our butcher block cart counter. I got this as a gift from my in laws so I could roll it over to the stove & use while cooking. Well, it never gets used for that because it is the dumping ground in our house! Tons of odds and ends and papers from schools, etc. Every now and then I delegate crap to over locations but new crap ends up there shortly.

D. Cat food and water. Again, no other place to keep it. Sean has finally stopped dumping the water and making cat food soup. Won't be long before Ella gets into it.

E. Those pants DO NOT go with that shirt. Ugly combo.

F. Yeah, I bought freezer paper to make those transfer shirts like a month ago.... Never opened.

G. Stacks of Cooking Light magazine, still have the paper mailing cover on them, never been glanced thru. I am all about Cooking Mac & Cheese And You Better Not Complain these days.

Phew! Hope that doesn't tarnish my golden mom image! LOL! I'd like to see The Real Deal at Renee's house and Jennifer E's house! If anyone else would like to play too, please blog it, link to me and leave a comment so I can see what's really going on at your house!


Jennifer said...

I'll play once I get back to my computer tomorrow!!

Sarah said...

Thanks for playing Deborah!! Love it!! And seriously, you HAVE to try the freezer paper stencils. You can have one done in 15 minutes. I promise you!! You'll be addicted... so easy.

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Hey Deborah! I am FINALLY doing this! Watch for it on my blog soon, sorry it took so long!