Monday, November 24, 2008

Keeping Warm and Welcoming Santa

Our weather has taken a turn into winter this week. I discovered on Friday, thanks to the 23 degree weather, that Sean has outgrown his winter coat from last year. I also discovered that we apparently skipped the 3T size for Aidan and went right to 4T, which of course is way too big for Sean. Looks like I will get to do a little coat shopping this week.

Saturday was the city's Christmas Parade, so I was determined to get everyone bundled up to go watch it. The boys wore jeans, long sleeve shirts & sweatshirts under coats, and hats. Ella was dressed in layers, tucked into the Moby Wrap, under as much of my coat as I could stretch around her and I put a blanket on top of her for good measure. It was about 40 degrees out when the parade started, not too bad I thought. Well, apparently the kids didn't think the parade was worth the cold, so after Aidan filled my pocket up with candy and Santa went by, they decided we should leave. Managed to take a few photos before we wimped out.

Ella's obviously been enjoying her wool longies lately.

Aidan and I decided to warm up the house by baking cookies yesterday. He's a singing baker, instead of a singing waiter....

A few updates:

I got a letter excusing me from jury duty!

I never did hear from the original winner of my book giveaway, so if Terri of Believing in Miracles still needs a copy, I'd like to send it to you! Email me, click on my profile and it's listed on that page.

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