Monday, November 3, 2008

What a Rough Weekend

Ever take a trip somewhere and end up telling yourself several times that maybe you should of just stayed home? Yeah. Had one of those weekends.

Aidan had been super excited for weeks about spending this past weekend at my mom and dad's house so that he could go Trick or Treating with his cousin Adam. Adam is ten and to a five year old boy, he's about the coolest kid on the planet. Friday evening went okay, we got there early enough that Aidan was able to go T or T-ing shortly after it started. Sean was too excited about being at Nana's house that there was no way he was going to get his costume back on and go. No problem, I have issues with him T or T-ing anyway since he doesn't eat the stuff. Aidan had fun, but got upset when Adam had to go home for the night.

The main reason Doug and I planned to go there this weekend was so that Doug could help my Dad with his deck. We found out Friday evening that the materials they needed were not going to be delivered on Friday like my parents had planned. In fact, they found out that night that the delivery wouldn't even arrive until Nov 6. Great. We drove two hours with three young kids for nothing. Not that we don't enjoy seeing my family, but we were just there two weeks ago and we had to say no to several other invitations this weekend to go there. Sigh.

Saturday, Doug decided that he could work around the missing materials and still make some progress on the deck. My mom and I thought we'd take Ella and Sean to the mall so I could look for school shirts for Aidan. Aidan was eagerly awaiting Adam's return. Then Aidan got attacked by a wasp in my mom's basement. It apparently flew in his shirt and stung him 4 times! Aidan has always been terrified of bugs, especially wasps, so he was hysterical. I mean truly hysterical. We managed to calm him down to quiet sobbing while we held and ice pack to the stings and gave him Benadril. Doug headed downstairs to try to kill the evil wasp. Sean some how got into the garage, where he stepped on another wasp and was stung! I called Poison Control because I didn't think he could have Benadril and wanted tips for treating his sting. He was stung on the top of his toe and it swelled really fast. Got him taken care of and decided that we were not likely going to the mall.

We attempted to take a lunch break and had to go to three places before we could find a place to eat. First place had an hour wait, the second place had a flooded playground. Things just were not looking good for us. I didn't get Sean to take a nap until after 3. My mom's dinner wasn't ready to eat until after 7:30 and Aidan was getting very hard to handle. He does not do well without frequent meals. He had another meltdown when Adam had to go home to sleep. When it was time for bed, he saw another wasp in the room he was supposed to sleep in, so he ended up kicking Papa out of his bed so he could sleep with Nana. He was ready to get in the car and go home at that point.

Sunday, I hoped to make the day go better. I got everyone motivated to get out of the house by 10:30, My mom, sister, Sean, Ella and I headed to the mall. Doug, dad, and older boys got to work on the deck. Ella almost made it all the way to the mall without crying, then I realized the mall wouldn't be open for another hour. Craptastic. She was a screaming, sweating mess by the time I got us to WalMart to waste time. Did I mention she hates riding in the car?

We poked around Wallie World, then decided to get some lunch before going back to the mall. By the time we got to the mall, I was only up to checking a couple places before giving up. Sean needed a nap and Nana was worn out from chasing him. I didn't get any shirts for Aidan, but did get a present for his birthday. We thought Sean would nap on the way home, but Nana was being too entertaining for that. He took another late nap.

Before we could sit down for dinner, Aidan and his cousins had a huge blow up fight and my sister decided it was time for them to leave. It put a big damper on dinner, so we got finished up and left shortly after. Aidan ended up falling asleep in the car. He had a very emotionally exhausting weekend and I think all of us were just glad to get home.

It really bites when you want to have a good time and all goes against you.


Jennifer said...

So sorry! I'll have to remember your story when I think we have a bad travel weekend:)

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Eek! That is frustrating.

jane said...

Aw man...sorry to hear all that mama! I guess we have days like those so we can appreciate the better ones. Hope today is a good one!