Tuesday, October 14, 2008

21 New Facts about Sean

I noticed some of my blogger friends made updated lists on this topic from last year, so I decided to follow suit. I am such a sheep. Here is the list from last year. Some things remain the same (like all of the eating issues, sigh) but there are new things too.

1. Sean's vocabulary has really increased this year. He is usually willing to try to repeat words you say, though they do not always come out clearly. He calls more people by their name now, which Uncle Curt appreciates.

2. Sean's a little water boy. He had so much fun this summer whenever he could get in a pool. He dunks his head underwater and tries to hold his breath.

3. He can drive the PowerWheels Jeep in forward and reverse, but doesn't steer too great yet, so watch your shins! He also likes trying to ride the trike.

4. He's can walk up and down stairs while holding on the the rail or steadying himself with a hand on the wall. He's still timid about going down them, but is getting braver. Maybe the seat of his pants will stop getting so worn out now!

5. He is very interested in using the potty but hasn't gotten his body signals worked out yet. He is finally tall enough that he can try to pee standing up. :)

6. He discovered at school that he likes apple juice. We just drink water or milk at home, so juice is a new treat for him.

7. He drinks very well and (mostly) responsibly from a straw cup. He drinks well from an open cup or water bottle, too, but tends to dump the remaining liquid out asap after taking a sip. Therefore we stick to straws and lids.

8. He will not drink milk unless it's in a sippy cup. He tends to throw those after he's done, so it's a good thing they don't spill.

9. He's a budding actor. He loves to act out his favorite scenes in his movies. One of his favorite movies is Ice Age and he acts out large chunks of it amazingly well!

10. He also loves to shake his booty. He dances along with the tv or stereo. He likes to watch his reflection when he dances- either in the tv, glass door, or dining room mirror. If you block his view of his performance, he will tell you "No, no, no" and move you out of the way.

11. He has two favorite songs: Queen "We will Rock You" and the Spongebob Squarepants Movie song "Goofy Goober Rock" with a drop in from Diamond David Lee Roth. Sean plays a hot air guitar solo for each of these songs.

12. Another new talent is singing. He is slowly throwing in words to songs he knows. He especially likes some of the ones they use at preschool to teach things, like The Days of the Week and Who Let the Alphabet Sounds Out.

13. Sean is starting to teach his baby sister sign language. He moves her arms to try to make her sign things like "more" "bye bye" and "cow".

14. Sean likes all kinds of animals. His recent favorites are monkeys. He still loves elephants, cows and dogs too.

15. Seeing his parents and brother at the computer so much has sparked Sean's interest in them too. When Aidan plays a game, he shows Sean a button to push to make a certain action occur (like jumping) and lets Sean be in charge of that button. Sean likes to play Polar Bowler, but usually ends up with all gutter balls.

16. Sean can now make the thumbs up sign and, conversely, the thumbs down sign to which he adds the verbal "boo! boo!" This comes in handy while playing computer games.

17. Who says white boys can't jump? Not Sean! He clears both feet off the ground now and gets a good 4" of gravity defying bounce when he jumps. He loves to jump, too, will jump several times in a row whenever he sees something jump.

18. Sean still loves The Wiggles and can identify all of them. He also loves The Backyardigans and can identify them as well.

19. He is beginning to recognize more letters and knows some colors. He recognizes his written name and when I say "Sean lets write your name. S E A N." He makes separate marks for each letter as I say it and tries to spell it with me. His writing is still very scribbled but he can make lines and circles now.

20. Sean likes to take showers and identifies them with Daddy. When he wants to shower, he gets in the shower, does the bath sign and says "Daddy?" He sees Daddy take a shower every morning while I get the kids ready for school. I take my showers while he is at school so I guess he thinks I don't bathe much since he only sees me shower on weekends.

21. Sean continues to grow into the most beautiful little man, with gorgeous long eyelashes, stunning blue-green eyes, and the sweetest kisses. I look forward to seeing what new things he learns and loves in the next year!


momtofourgirls.Kari said...

Love them! Especially #11. What a sweet boy.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I love reading these lists! He sounds like a wonderful little boy!

Jennifer said...

What a great kid!