Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Annual 21 Facts about Sean List

Today is the last day of the Get it Down: 31 for 21 Challenge. I'm happy to say that this year I actually managed to post once a day! Participating in the challenge was a great way for me to revive my blogging spirit. Thanks for encouraging me to write and thanks for giving me all the great new blogs to read! I added several new bloggers to my roll call this month and have enjoyed meeting them.

Each year, I have also made a list of facts about Sean. I love looking back on these to see what is new and what is the same. Here is the one from 2008 and here is 2007.

1. This year, Sean has started to transition from "baby movies" to "kid movies." As silly as it sounds, it was an embarrassing concern of ours that he'd be an eight year watching Barney one day. He's moved away from his love of Wiggles and Baby Einstein and towards movies like Monster House and Ice Age (all 3!) Aidan is relieved to be able to watch shows he likes with his brother. They love to watch Teen Titans and Dexter's Lab before bed together.

2. Sean has gained a great deal of independence in the self-help area. He can completely undress and dress himself. He puts his Crocs on correctly about 50% of the time, but has trouble getting his sneakers with inserts on by himself. He can also get his own milk cup out of the fridge and his food out of the top cupboard.

3. He loves to ride his Big Wheels bike and is starting to pedal some. He gets a few rotations then slips his feet off the pedals.

4. His favorite thing to do at the playground is slides. He climbs up by himself but only slides down when he wants to, so this tends to hold up the line. :)

5. He really loves playing with his baby sister. After lunch, he says, "Come on, Ella! Up!" and leads her up to the playroom for some destruction play time.

6. He has pretty good aim when throwing balls, considering he almost always closes his eyes when he pitches! LOL

7. He likes to play with Aidan's Playstation games, though he doesn't play the game as intended. He has his own agenda for each game and plays it his way.

8. He polishes off a whole banana, self-fed, now.

9. He has been trying a few tiny bites of new things at home, but still eats baby food as his main food source.

10. He loves to hold his breath under water while swimming or playing in the tub, but hates it when you dump water on him to wash his hair.

11. He doesn't mind haircuts, but hates getting his hair combed. Thus he tends to go to school with goofy bed head.

12. It's been almost a month since he last wore a pull up. We took some on our trip because we were worried about him having an accident on the plane, but he didn't want to use them. He told me on the plane when he had to go potty and used the tiny airplane potty.

13. He really dislikes loud noises. That includes his sister's crying. He folds his ears shut and covers them with his hands when something is too loud.

14. Doug and Aidan now imitate #13 when someone is being too loud at home.

15. His handwriting is pretty delayed. He can usually make a circle if asked and sometimes an X. He can't write his name, but does make individual marks on paper and spells it along with you when you try to get him to write his name. He really loves drawing/coloring/writing. We do a lot of writing on his Doodlepad.

16. He likes to help me around the house. He likes to unload the dishwasher, put clothes in the dryer and take out the trash. If we work together (or his brother helps) he will pick up toys. He's not so much willing to do it alone.

17. He loves anything to do with water: swimming in a pool, taking a shower or bath, playing with water in the sink, getting in grandpa's hot tub, turning on the water hose.

18. He loves to jump, either in place or off of a short step. He like trampolines as long as no one else jumps on them with him.

19. He is very timid with stairs. He prefers to hold a rail while going down them, but doesn't need it going up. He doesn't alternate feet yet, so he takes one step at a time. We have lots of stairs in our house, so it isn't like he doesn't get enough practice. He just is very careful.

20. He likes to be read to and can sit through longer children's books now. Before, he would rush us through by turning the pages too fast or he'd wander off.

21. Sean is VERY excited about trick-or-treating tonight! He can't wait to get his costume on and has been practicing with his treat bucket all day. :)

Happy Halloween everyone! I will post our Halloween photos in the morning and also announce the winner of my giveaway!


Ruby's Mom said...

It was fun reading about Sean's accomplishments.It is helpful to me to read about an older child's
capabilities so I can have some idea of what Ruby will be able to do and when.Reading that Sean eats baby food was helpful because I just don't want to push Ruby into eating chunkier food before she is ready.I have a fear of her choking.
I did horrible with the 31 for 21.
I'm looking forward to seeing those costume pictures!Have a great evening!

Stephanie @ Ralphcrew said...

It's reassuring to read about his accomplishments. You are a great mama to some neat kids!