Thursday, October 1, 2009

31 for 21 Starts..... NOW!

Woo hoo! It's October and that means, time for Get It Down: 31 for 21 blog challenge! October is Down syndrome Awareness month so to help get the word out about life with Down syndrome I will be joining many many other bloggers to commit to blog once a day the month of October. This is my third year participating and I have not been 100% successful every year, but I keep trying. I have been terrible about blogging since I joined Facebook and not too great about commenting on blogs lately either. Facebook is just faster and easier, and I especially dislike doing those word verifications on comments. :P So, I will try to set FB aside and focus on my blogging community this month. I still enjoy reading blogs because I think we get a fuller story and better appreciation for some one's experience through a blog than we do on Facebook.

To help me this year, I am enlisting some very special guest bloggers. I'm excited to see what they write and look forward to sharing them with my readership.

I am also going to do a series of Back-trackin' Blogs to write about some things we did over the summer that I never got around to typing out. I hope you enjoy reading along this month and keep me going with comments when you can!

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

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