Thursday, October 22, 2009

Seanie Sayings

On Tuesday, I went to Sean's parent-teacher meeting. One of the things I discussed with Sean's teacher is how nicely his language expression has grown. She was really happy with how much more he is talking at school. He talks pretty constantly at home, so I am glad that he is showing her more that he can do.

When going over social skills, one of the funny things she said that I had to correct was that Sean isn't able to verbalize his wants to resolve conflicts. I asked what she meant and she said, "Well, like, if he has a toy and another child takes it from him, Sean can't tell the child, 'No, that's mine.' or 'I'm playing with this right now.'"

I actually laughed out loud! I said, "Oh yes he can! You should see him playing with his siblings, especially Ella! He frequently tells her no and prevents her from taking things he has. He does say, 'No, Ella! Mine!' very clearly."

She also seems to think he says very little sentences longer than 2 word combinations. I think he says several word sentences, but does often keep things brief. I talked to her about possibly using a word board/PECS type system to help encourage him to make complete sentences. I got the idea from seeing fellow blogger's daughter, Maia, use one. She agreed that he might respond well to that, so I am going to make a couple up for him.

A recent new phrase that is cracking everyone up is a new movie quote he picked up while my mom was visiting. It's from Bear in the Big Blue House. We have one dvd (Potty Time with Bear) that he recently started watching. Now he runs around, sniffing at people, wrinkles his nose, points at you and says, "It's You!!" LOL Like "You stink!"

Ahh, such lovely new language skills! I suppose next will be "Why?"


Sharon said...

That's so funny! I love the "You Stink!"
I've been meaning to blog again about Maia's sentence strips. I will do so soon, they are working so well for her. We find too that she speaks more at home.
Good luck!

Heidi said...

Too funny!! I know Caleb talks more at home than at school too. At home he talks non stop - seriously - he doesn't even take a breath in between sentences! At school he is more shy and just doesn't talk nearly as much! I too dread the "why" question!