Monday, October 5, 2009

A Perfect Day for the Pumpkin Farm

We had a beautiful afternoon at Harvest Farms on Sunday. It was a sunny 70 degrees out with a slight breeze, just right for playing outside. Doug and I mostly kept after Sean and Ella as Aidan ran off with his cousins. We did get to see them to eat, go on the hay ride to gather pumpkins and take a turn at the corn cob shooters.

Eleanor and Sean had so much fun puttering around the place. They loved seeing the animals and riding in the tractor-pulled barrel train. I didn't get to watch the big Pumpkinator firing off pumpkins, because I kept Sean away from the loud noise the cannon made. The older kids assured me that it was "way cool."

The kids picked out 4 pumpkins from the field to bring home. They liked searching for the perfect ones, but did not like the pig weeds that grow around them.

When we headed out, Sean excitedly signed and told the lady at the register all about seeing the pigs and riding the train. She might not of understood him, but she sure could tell that he had a great time!


Karen said...

What a fun day!

Beverly said...

looks like a great day for a pumpkin farm!

datri said...

What fun! We were going to go this weekend, but it rained all week, so maybe we'll wait for the mud to dry out!