Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Best Part of Down Syndrome

There's a great post over at Down Syndrome New Mama where she asks "What's your favorite part about Down syndrome?" Here's my reply:
My favorite part is ironically the part that first alerts many expectant parents: my son's utterly kissable back of his neck. I adore having him melt into my arms with his fantastic hugs, then smooching on that sweet lil neck of his. I often wonder at this moment of pure happiness how anyone could see this part as a sign of something bad.

This is one of my favorite photos of his early months,!

Have a happy Sunday, friends!


A Lady Called Amy said...

:-) Babies are so amazing, aren't they?!

I read an exerpt in "Gifts" by you last night. When I saw the picture and read his name was Sean, I thought it might be you, and then I got to the end and it was!

That's a great book. It makes me smile so much to read it!

Have a great day Deborah! Stay warm!!

SunflowerMom said...

Amy, I'm glad you enjoyed the essay. Gifts is such a wonderful book!

My name is Sarah said...

OH what a cute picture.

Beverly said...

love that photo!

Brandie said...

That picture is the best!

Sasha said...

You can feel the LOVE!!!

Mary said...

Love the photo! Makes me miss the baby stage just a bit.