Saturday, October 10, 2009

Off to Help New Moms!

I will be sharing my other passion today- representing La Leche League at a baby fair in Wichita. It's at a dual language school, will be working with an interrupter. Should be interesting!

Doug will be hanging with his boys today while Ella and I go off for the day. I foresee them staying in jammies, playing lots of games and plenty of wrestling around.


Brandie said...

Hope everything went well and you guys had fun! I joke that if it wasn't for LLL, I'd never get to go anywhere.

JennyH said...

Hope it was a great day. Ike just finished BFing within the last week or so. I have to tell you- I'm rather happy about it! He had gotten into a habit of biting. ouch!

Hope the boys had fun hanging out all day.