Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pink Boys

So I had to make yesterday's post wordless, since it was Wordless Wednesday, but promised the story behind the photo.

With the weather turning cooler, I decided to go through Ella's wool collection and see what fits still and what I need to sell. As I was trying pants on her, Sean found the pink skirt and wanted to put it on. I wasn't brave enough to try wool on him when he was little, but he sure loves wearing Ella's wool. Too bad he's too big for it now (cost wise, I wouldn't want to pay for pants big enough for him.) Anyway, the skirt. I bought it last spring, for Ella to wear over the summer. I totally guessed wrong on her measurements and it is way too big for her. Fits skinny minnie Sean just fine though! LOL

So once he had the skirt on, he wanted the headband, too. And then I realized that his school is doing their color month now and I should see if the pink shirt from last year still fits him.

Tada! My pretty little pink boy!

Which then reminded me of an interesting blog I read a few weeks ago, Sarah Hoffman: On Parenting a Boy who is Different. Both of my boys have enjoyed wearing pink, choosing pink colors when drawing, dressing up in mommy's shoes, and playing with sparkly clothes. I am totally comfortable with them playing dress up at home and not the least bit concerned about it. I think it takes a lot of courage and independence for a young male child to go outside the home, especially to school, in feminine colors/clothing. I would hope that if my sons felt this strongly about such a decision that I would be supportive like Sarah.

My mom thought I was a bit of a "gender bender" in my late teen years, as I lived in combat boots, wore baggy black clothing and shaved my head. Typical of the punk/goth crowd I was in. While she didn't like it, she also didn't try to change me.

It's hard to understand why people get so hung up on stuff as meaningless as a color or skirt vs pants. Life is too precious not to be happy while you live it peacefully.


A Lady Called Amy said...

It's good for us to love and accept our children, and I agree with your post! :-)

My little bro has a shirt:
Real Men Wear PINK! ;-)

Beverly said...

I agree. Noah has some pink boy shirts and so does Joel.

Brandie said...

Your kids look good in pink!
I laughed when I read the part about shaving your head. I had the same shaved head and combat boots! My girls think I was nuts!

Jennifer said...

Sean looks so pretty next to his little sister. So cute! Aidan likes to dress-up, too.

Cindy said...

I fell for a boy in high school, merely because he was wearing a pink shirt.
May he always wear what he loves and be happy. That's what life is all about. :)

Meghan said...

AMEN! my sister recently told me that i am "so liberal" because i allow my boys to wear what they like even if it is girly. my quinn loves to wear my old easter dress, and my will has had a thing for the color pink for over a year. he chose a pink ball for soccer last fall, and my mom was so concerned that the other kids would tease him. i love cindy's comment . . . "may he always wear what he loves and be happy."

Sarah Hoffman said...

Deborah, thanks so much for mentioning my blog! It always makes me happy to hear about other parents who love and support their kids in whatever way their kids need.

It's true, people do get VERY hung up about boys who wear pink. I love what you said: Life is too precious not to be happy while you live it peacefully.