Friday, May 30, 2008

Sticker Patch Monsters

Daddy's deck crew found a new source of fun... turning into sticker monsters! These little creatures came knocking at the door to scare Mommy. What was actually scary was the amount of little burrs I had to pick off their clothes before I could wash them.

When they are not scary monsters, they are super heros! Aunt Tanya passed down a Spidey jammie that Adam outgrew to Aidan. Well, Mr Sean wanted his OWN Spidey shirt, so Mommy found one on ebay. He is happier than a fly at a salad bar!

We also got to see how the Ella Roo is growing today. I had a sono to make sure she isn't suffering any issues due to the isoimmunity. She looks great! She's an estimated 3 lbs already. We could see hair on her head and eyelashes, how cool. Of course, I also asked to make sure she hadn't sprouted a turtle and she is still a girl. I also had the 1 hour gluclose test done, so I should find out next week if my bloodwork looks good. I start going in for check ups every 2 weeks now, so it sure makes the birthdate seem to tick louder!

We are off on a family vacation this coming week, so hopefully I will return with some fun photos.


RK said...

Oooooooh. Those are some scary monsters...but look! There's super heroes there to save the day!

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your boys! Ian is groovin' in "Spidey" these days too, he'd love to join them I'm sure :)
Glad you got to check on your sweet girl and all is well. Have fun on your vacation and soak up some sun for your pastey IL friend still wading through summer school...only one more week though!