Thursday, October 9, 2008

Eleanor's 2 Month Check Up

Just a quick update on baby E. Yesterday I took her to the doctor for her well-child visit. My chunka monkey is 12 lbs 4 oz and 23 1/4" long. She is just growing too fast! Our doctor said that she is doing great. I brought up the red mark on her eye and the doctor said it appears to be a Capillary Hemangioma. She said usually they are harmless birthmarks, but because of the location on Ella, we will need to watch it's growth to make sure it doesn't obstruct her vision. The usual treatment for this type of birthmark is to do nothing, they grow the first 10 months of life, then begin to shrink and eventually disappear. However, if it becomes a problem, there is oral steroid treatment to shrink it or when she is older it might be able to be removed with laser therapy. Steroid treatment causes irratibility and sleeplessness, laser therapy is painful. If it becomes a problem, we would have to see a pediatric dermatologist at Children's hospital in KC.

Of course, when I got home I looked up info online to learn more about it. One of the things I read is that while it may not cause physical damage to her, it may cause psychosocial issues. Feelings of insecurity about her appearance and self-consciousness. I can already see how this is possible because in the past 6 weeks that it has been visible, it is rare that a day goes by without someone commenting on it. Children at Sean's preschool are always saying "Your baby scratched her eye! Her eye is bleeding!" I'm sure it won't bother her as a baby, but if it is prominent as a toddler I imagine she will understand questions and comments about it.

If you have had a child with a similar birthmark or had one yourself, can you tell me about your experience?

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