Monday, October 6, 2008

Buddy Walk Recap

Ahhh, what a day. What a huge event this year's Buddy Walk was! The group hasn't released final head count, but it was well over 1000 walkers. It has grown so fast, which is wonderful, from the 500 walkers that attended the first one we went in Wichita 2 years ago.

Unfortunately, Sean did not handle the large crowd so well this year. He was frustrated, overwhelmed and pretty uncooperative for the walk part of the day. Although, I must say, this is the first year that he was actually willing to walk during the walk. Maybe only short bits of it, but he did give it a go a few times. Uncle Curt suggested we change our team name from Strolling with Sean to Carrying Sean. Luckily, Aidan did much better this year, thanks to his cousin Adam. I thought I'd be carrying Ella most of the day, but I guess I forgot that it was highly unlikely I'd hold her much all weekend thanks to her two aunts, cousin Kari, and grandmas.

After the walk portion, we trudged thru the long line for lunch. Sean and I made a potty break while Doug made a plate for me and Sean found his lunch on the bathroom floor: an empty TP tube! I originally let him play with it as a horn, but after awhile he decided it made a better snack than instrument.

Aunt Ann was the only lucky winner in the basket raffle this year, she won a shape-sorter cookie jar that she gave to Sean. Tanya's friend Joan, who flew out from NY to attend the walk, tried her best to win a basket this year. Sadly, she ended up with just a cramped hand from filling out the tickets. Darn! I was crossing my fingers for her, too.

Eventually we made our way home and enjoyed a relaxing evening at home with the family. Sean had more fun playing at home with his cousins than he did at the walk, but I am still glad we went. Thank you to everyone who joined us this year, in person and and thoughts. We enjoyed sharing the time with you.


Jennifer said...

It looks like so much!! Do they actually feed you? We always have to bring our own picnic to ours:)

SunflowerMom said...

Yes, lunch is provided! Hot dogs, hamburgers, baby carrots, chips and cookies. Most of it is donated by sponsers (Applebee's gives them the hamburgers) or members (the yummy homemade cookies!)

JennyH said...

Ours has lunch too. However there is around 6000 people at ours.

Maybe next year Sean will do better. It is a lot of action going on.

Last year I brought the infant carrier and the stroller that goes with it. Ike was 1 month old then. I figured he would be sleeping most of the time while riding in his carrier. NO! His aunt carried him the entire time. She always scoops up the babies and loves on them. Max did try out that infant carrier at the age of 6- he didn't fit too well!!

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Looks like a great walk. Ours is on Saturday and hope it's good weather.

Grrrandpa said...

Wish I could have been there to walk with the family. Thanks for the photos. To show solidarity with the cause, I did walk 9 holes of golf on Sat!