Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Pink? Pink? Is that what you think?"

"Me thinks you've got a pink kink in your think!"

-from Disney Pixar's "Boundin'" short film

I mentioned before that Sean's class is learning about colors and wearing a certain colored shirt each day this month. Yesterday was Pink Day. After searching high and low, I finally found a pink shirt for a boy & I must say, Sean looked so darn adorable in it! I wanted to take a photo of him before he went to school and he insisted that his siblings join in the photo. What a cutie pie!!

My friend Sarah sent Eleanor a couple of shirts she embellished using a process called Freezer Paper Stenciling and I am thinking that it looks like fun. I thought I'd give Sean's pink shirt a boyish design so he can get more wear out of it. Doug suggested the phrase "Rock the Pink!" I'll be sure to share my efforts when I get a chance to play around.

Little Miss Eleanor Ruby turned 11 weeks old yesterday. I put her in a sweet little dress in tights for the LLL meeting and she was just full of grins and giggles!

Speaking of the LLL meeting, it went fantastic! We had 13 moms present, 3 of them were nursing students from the local college. The learning activity I planned went well and helped bring up questions other moms had. I was very happy with how the evening turned out.

We had one heck of a storm last night, around 1 am. It apparently knocked out the power for a bit and reset our clocks. Sean came in my room and woke me up, I looked at the clock and it said 4:10 am. I told him to go back to bed, it's too early to get up. Doug said, "No, its a quarter to eight. The sun's up already." Oh crap! We rushed around getting everyone ready. Only Doug was late for work, the boys got to school on time.

No school for Sean tomorrow or Friday, it's Parent-Teacher Meetings time. Doug and I meet with Sean's teacher at 6:30 then we are going to go to the Family Fun Night at Aidan's school. Busy evening!

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Tricia said...

It takes a real man to wear pink! So cute!