Friday, October 10, 2008

An Oldie but Goodie

Last night, while up late begging Ella to, I popped in on the Gifts website. I came across the page that has photo montages by the contributors. One I made for Sean was on that page and I watched it again. I hadn't watched that one in a long time. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it has been viewed 800 times since I made it! I thought I'd add it here in case anyone else wanted to reminisce about Sean's first 18 months of life.

My favorite one I made, it actually has had even more views- over 1000, is a collection of photos and video showing Sean progress to walking. This one is over a year old now. Man how time flies by!

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Cheri said...

Very cute videos!! Sean is beautiful!!

Okay Deborah I have something funny to share with least I hope you think it is funny!! :) I ran across your blog weeks ago, I think when you changed your profile picture and you said you cracked yourself up with that picture...I hope I am remembering that right!?! :) Anyway it cracked me up too...because it totally reminded me of my kindergarten picture so I clicked on the picture to make it bigger so I could look closer to check out the 70's outfit that I am sure I had in my closet too...and I guess I accidentally downloaded it...Gulp, I didn't mean to I promise!!! So, you have been coming up on my desktop every time I click on downloads to check on something I intentionally downloaded and your cute little glasses, right there on my desktop...I actually forgot about it until I came across your blog again tonight and saw your picture and realized that picture on my desktop belonged your blog. I promise I am not a stalker and it was just an accident! :) But, when I clicked on your blog again tonight...from the Gifts website, I wanted to let you know in hopes you get a laugh out of it. :) You have my word it will be deleted.

...I was just about to send this and read my comment to my husband and he informed me that Mac computers do this automatically, if I click on something...Ok solved the mystery but wow...I better be careful what I click on!

Enjoy your night,