Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It Never Ends

Laundry, the beast that tries to consume my life! After taking two days off of my washboard and rocks chore, I am now fighting seven rounds with the beast. I thought it would be fitting to answer Just Rk's Random Questions while I sift through the mountain.

1. Who does the laundry in your house?
Ha ha ha! You are kidding me? You mean there's another option besides moi?

2. Are you/or they a sorter? What's your system?
Yes, I am a sorter. In fact, I devised a sorting system when we moved into our current house 3 yrs ago. In the upstairs landing, I have 3 large canvas hampers along the wall. One for colors, one for whites, and one for darks. I put it there with the idea that everyone could sort their own clothes into the correct hampers as they undress. Well, apparently the clothes can't make it allllllll the way from the bedroom to the hamper so they lay on the floor until mommy carries them to the hamper. Now that we have a little one in the house, with her tiny little items, we have a forth hamper for just her things, in her room. Of course, I also have a separate diaper hamper next to the changing table.

3. Do you fold at the dryer? Dump on the couch? Not fold at all?
I fold at the dryer because if I were to attempt to sit down and fold a basket of clothes, Mr Sean would be sooooo much help I would get the luxury of doing it twice. I don't fold Doug's shirts or socks. Shirts get hung up and socks get stuffed in the dresser drawer. I detest folding socks more than anything in the world.

4. Do you have any "laundry quirks"? Things that *can't* go in the dryer, dry in a specific manner, hung on a specific hanger, only get washed by hand--no matter what the care instructions say?
Doug has laundry quirks that I try to accommodate. Being as tall as he is, it is hard to find shirts he likes and fits. We have to make sure they don't get over dried in order not to shrink. Of course, he still accuses me of shrinking his things. Also he likes certain shirts folded in a certain way which is not the way I fold my folded shirts. I also fold the boys shirt in a third way because that's how they fit best in their dresser. All these methods apparently make it impossible for anyone but me to remember and recreate.

And my cloth diapers get very special washing routines and folding/sorting so I don't even attempt to teach anyone else.

5. Do you have any great tips for stain removal?!? Please share!
My favorite tip is sunning out stains. You wash the item as you usually would, then lay it out or hang it outside to dry in the sun. It's like voodoo magic, the stains disappear! However, Aidan is my chocolate ice cream addict and his ice cream drips require a scrubbing with Shout gel prior to washing.

Fascinating post, isn't it? :)


RK said...

Sunning out stains? I've never heard of this! I can't see how the science works, but I'll have to try it. Interesting!!!

JennyH said...

Laundry-- don't you love it! I have several loads just waiting for me right now!