Saturday, October 11, 2008

So remember how I knocked that spare tire off?

No, not the one around my waist, that one's still there. ;)

The one on the car. Turns out, those are pretty handy to have.

Thursday afternoon, Doug pulled up to the school to pick up Aidan and whacked the crap out of the front tire on a curb. He hit that sucker so hard he popped a hole in it! Talk about impressing the teacher. Since Mommy knocked the spare off the van, Doug and Aidan had to walk home to get it. Our house is only a few blocks from school, but Doug drives from work to get Aidan because I have to stay home with the napping youngins.

Doug gets the tire and walks with it back to the car. After awhile, he returns to get various other tools because he says he can't get the hubcap off. He thinks he needs a pry bar. This worries me. I don't think you are supposed to use a pry bar to remove a hubcap. I ask him to please look in the owners manual before he attacks the car.

For once, he took my advice. Seems there is an easy way to get the hubcap off without using brute force. He gets the tire changed, then drives home to clean up. By now it's after 5, but he goes back to work for another hour or so.

He made an appointment for Friday evening to get a new tire on the van. Of course, you can't buy just *one* tire. They won't be balanced and will pull to the side, so we have to buy two tires. Fine. We also ask them to check the alignment because I assume it's out of whack after that beating.

Doug, the kids and I wandered around the mall a bit while we wait on the repairs. Sean loves this toy shop that has these plush animals that walk. They have an elephant one that rears his head back and trumpets. So Doug and Sean hang out in there and Aidan, Ella and I pop in to the shoe store across the hall. I'm not finding anything I like, but Aidan sees a pair of patent leather red stiletto ankle boots. He rips off his shoes to try them on. I said, "Aidan, those are for girls." He replied, "I don't care! They are AWESOME!" He gets them on, stands up and falls over after two steps. Guess those won't be his new favorite rock boots.

I convince him to put his drag queen desires on the back burner so I can head over to Dillards to look for a pink shirt for Sean. I swear I am not trying to turn all my kids into girls. Sean's class is learning about colors and they have to wear certain color shirts on certain days. One day is Pink Day. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a pink shirt for a boy in October? I had no luck at Dillards, so we headed back to get the van.

After picking up some dinner, we drove home. Do you think Doug made sure to park far from the curb? Hell no! He ripped right up against it and Aidan and I both gave him a hard time about it. Poor van!

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