Monday, December 22, 2008

2 weeks of Vacation?


So far I have decided:

1. I am a potty training failure.
2. No one will ever be allowed to give my kids nerf guns or any thing of the sort again.
3. Ella is going to kill her brothers with ear shattering screams if she does not get to nap for the next 2 weeks.
4. Doug is going to divorce me if I don't get to shower for 2 weeks.
5. Playdo is not a food group.

It's nice to know that the reality of SAHM-ing is shared with others. Check out this very true to life account at Princess Nebraska.


Jennifer said...

This made me laugh really hard!! Sounds a lot like my life:) Stay-at-home moms need to have a great sense of humor.

deanna said...

In regard to #1, I thought the same thing. Don't worry, it'll happen eventually.

Cheri said...

Too funny! oi

Beverly said...

Very Funny! Thanks for sharing!

datri said...

I have to laugh at #4. At least I'm not the only one, LOL! Unless I get thrown up on or pooped on, of course.

JennyH said...

I agree!

Although Sam thinks play-doh should be a food group- yeah she's 5!

Showers- who needs them!? They are over rated!

Joe is now 3 1/2 and still in diapers- your not the only failure on this. It has to happen soon- right!?