Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snail Mail, Email and Blogs

As per my annual tradition, I have just completed writing my Christmas cards and they will go in the mail tomorrow. :) Yet again, this is not the year for them to arrive before Christmas. Hope you think they were worth the wait!

Also, if you are someone that I began emailing with since 2006 or you are someone that changed your email address since 2006, I need your current email address. Doug wiped out the hard drive on my computer this past weekend without backing up my email address book. The last back up I could find was from when I moved my emailing from the office computer to our home computer in 06. If you drop me a line, I'll get you added back in. I guess the plus side of this is that I got rid of a lot of random addresses that I didn't need.

Another blogger update, I hope you followed along and kept little Esther in your prayers this week. Her heart repair surgery went well and she is on the mend! Yay, Esther! Last week at church, Sean and I went into the private chapel to light a candle and pray for Esther. He repeated after me, "God, please make Esther's heart all better. Amen!" Then we sang "Happy Birthday, Esther's Heart" and blew out the candle. Who could resist such a sweet request from such a sweet boy?!

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