Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Superheros and a Sweetie

We had two days of doctor appointments. Tuesday we took Sean and Ella to the pediatric opthomologist. After an excruciating 2 hr wait, Sean fell asleep during his exam. The doctor was able to determine that his vision has gotten bad enough to require glasses, so we managed to wake him up enough to try on a few pairs and picked one. The good news is that the Dr does not think Ella's hemangioma is causing vision problems and said it looks very superficial. He did see that she is already showing signs of being near sighted, so he thinks she will need glasses by Preschool age. She goes back to see him in 6 months and Sean goes back in 3 months to see how the glasses are working out.

Today the whole family went to the dentist. It was Sean's first time going to the dentist and he did terrific! He sat well in the chair and opened up without resistance. They polished his teeth and checked them. No cavities! The dentist confirmed that Sean is missing one of his teeth, but said it wasn't a problem. He thinks that Sean's teeth color (kinda splotchy gray in places) is probably due to a medication he was on. I mentioned that Sean had reflux and took Prevacid for 2 yrs and he said that might of been the cause. Hopefully his adult teeth will not be affected. Sean goes back to see the dentist in a year.

Aidan did wonderfully too. He even sat thru several sets of xrays. His teeth were polished and had fluoride applied. The found 2 cavities that we need to bring him back in to get fixed on Dec 31. I am so glad that the boys behaved nicely for the exams! I was really stressing over it.

Doug also had his teeth checked because he thought he had a cavity. They found some work that he needs done, so he'll be back next month. I didn't get looked at, I just came along to help manage the kiddos. Pregnancy is always rough on my teeth, so I venture to guess that I probably need some work done too. I'll let the boys get taken care of first then we can work me in there!

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Nana said...

I am so happy that the children did good for their doctor. I love the pictures of Ella in the clothes that Deena gave her. I am also happy to hear that littl reid is doing good.