Friday, December 19, 2008

No Glasses Yet! & Dinner Party Recap

So Wednesday we got the call that Sean's glasses were ready to pick up. Doug, Sean, Ella and I went over to get them fitted during Doug's lunch hour. Sean was in a fun mood, he found a Christmas stocking that fell down off the wall in the waiting room so he pulled his socks and shoes off to put it on. {{{silly boy}}} When it was finally our turn, the tech pulled out the glasses and put them on Sean. I said, "Wait a minute. Those are suppose to have cable ear pieces." She looked at the order form and noted that yes it was supposed to be changed to cables. SO she wandered off to look for a pair to put on them. Turns out she only had one brown on in stock or a pair of black ones. The frames are brown so it didn't look good with black ear pieces. Now we have to wait for them to get ordered in.

Rats. I was looking forward to seeing him in his specks!

Also, Wednesday night was the company Christmas Dinner Party. Ella was a doll at the restaurant and no problem to bring along. All of our meal was cooked table side- very fancy! We had Shrimp Scampi, Cesar Salad, Steak Diane with Asparagus and Chateau Potatoes, and Bananas Foster. Great food, good to talk with adults (in person!) and lovely wine. The boys were great for the babysitter, they were in bed in their jammies and asleep when we got home at 9:30. Ellie said that Aidan even asked to go to bed! He also told her, "Usually a grown up sleeps with us." She told him that she was going to be right downstairs and could hear him if he needed someone and that we'd be home shortly to sleep with him. Cutie.

It sure was nice to go out to dinner someplace that doesn't take your order at a window....

Oh, and Ella just cracked me up. She sneezed, coughed and farted all at once! Ha ha ha!

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jennifergg said...

really? there are places that serve you, that don't have a drive through window...???


(just a little bit.)

glad you had a fun night!