Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Today was a Good Day

After the stress frenzy day yesterday, that only had brief moments of all kids and mom living in harmony, today went much better. Isn't that how it works? Just when you are ready to pull your hair out and run for the hills, you get a drooly sweet kiss on the cheek from your baby, a wonderfully detailed drawing of your family from your kindergartner or a hysterically acted out scene from your preschooler and suddenly you realize why you love being a mom so much.

Sean slept in until 7:35 today, so I missed my little 6 am "alarm" and got some extra zzz's. Ella slept in while I snuggled in the big bed with the boys, then took them down for breakfast. Aidan helped me with dishes after Doug went to work. When Ella woke up, Aidan entertained her nicely while I put away laundry and cleaned up the playroom. I gave Ella and Sean baths, got Aidan to take a shower. Got a shower myself! Sorted through outgrown kids' clothing. Changed bedding on a bed for my mom to use. Did laundry. All before noon!

Ella got to model some new fluffy mail:

My mom arrived at lunch time and helped me take Sean to get his first pair of glasses. He looks absolutely adorable in them. I couldn't get him to make a nice smile for the camera, so this will have to do for today. Please excuse the messy face, he just ate and was zoning out on a movie. His skin is horribly chapped from his cold and the weather. He has done a terrific job keeping them on! I am so shocked and happy about that.

Doug took Aidan to the office with him this afternoon, so Sean took a nice long nap and so did Ella. Mom and I watched a movie and I got laundry folded & put away. I made quesadillas for dinner, then Mom and I did the grocery shopping for Christmas dinner. She treated everyone to DQ. Aidan had some difficulties settling down and behaving after that, so we had a rough patch before bed. Now everyone is sleeping but me- the little mouse at the keyboard. I'm heading to bed soon.

Thanks for the moral support on my last post. Tonight I am thinking maybe I can make it until school starts....


Jennifer said...

Glad you had a better day. I love those adorable diapers! If we have a girl this time I'm going to have to buy some new girl prints. I have a feeling it will be another boy, though.

Merry Christmas!

My name is Sarah said...

I love your glasses Sean.

Beverly said...

I love Sean's new glasses, he looks so cute! I too love those baby diapers, very sweet!

jane said...

Nice glasses Sean!
Merry Christmas!

Lovin Mama said...

That is so cool that he is leaving his glasses on.

Goldie just got that same diaper in the mail! (I'm the LLL leader from western pa I decided to get a blog of my own.)