Thursday, December 18, 2008

"Oh no! My Million Dollars!"

I've been wanting to blog this for a few days but needed some 2 hand typing time to do it. Let's see if now is that time....

Last Saturday, we took the kids shopping downtown with us. Yes, when they were sick. Sorry! We had Christmas crunch time pressuring us. We went to this kitchen shop where I found the cute green tree trays. Aidan, Sean and Doug walked over to the produce/whole foods-ish store next door to hit the Brach's bins. On the way back to see me, someone handed Aidan a million dollar bill.

Yep,Jehovah Witness tracts for kids.

Aidan was ecstatic about his new found wealth and came running in to show me. He went on and on about all the stuff he was going to buy with his million dollars. I think he entirely missed the JW point. He showed the shop owner his money and said, "You should go get one! Some one's just giving them away outside!" She laughed and said, "Wouldn't that be nice? I sure could use a million dollars."

Cut to us at home-boys playing in the jam room with Daddy-a loud scream and tears.

Aidan is extremely distraught, crying and carrying on. I asked him what happened.

"Sean ate my million dollars!"

Sean apparently found Aidan's fortune and ate most of it. Doug threw the rest away and Aidan was devastated.

"I hate Sean! He's always ruining my stuff!"

"Aidan, you don't hate your brother and I don't want to hear you say that. I'm sorry Sean at your money."

"Now I won't get to buy my own computer!"

"Aidan, honey, you couldn't use that to buy a computer anyway. It's just play money it isn't real."

More tears, runs to Daddy.

overheard "Daddy, Mommy said my money wasn't real? That wasn't really a million dollars?"

I'm stifling laughter upstairs.

"No, Aidan, it wasn't real money. Did you really think someone would give you a million dollars?"

Apparently yes.

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