Friday, December 19, 2008

Esther Jeanne Needs Us

I want to call attention to one of the "new" blogs I follow. Having been in the cloth diaper community (yes, it's a lot like the Down syndrome community) for a few years, I had heard of Snap-EZ Diapers long ago. While I had spent time in their online shop, I hadn't really gotten to know the family that makes them.

Until September 20, 2008.

That's when Snap-EZ owner, Ruth, gave birth to her 11th child, Esther. At her birth, they discovered that Esther has Down syndrome.Esther's birth was pretty rough and she had some complications right away so a notice was posted in the diaper forums that Ruth and Esther needed our prayers and support. I've been a loyal reader since then and have tried to offer encouragement.

Ruth has been amazing. She has never once expressed concerns about Esther having Down syndrome and how that might influence her life. Instead, her focus has been on Esther. Caring for her, nursing her, protecting her and loving her. As far as I know (which is just through what she blogs), Ruth hasn't had connection with Down syndrome support groups or started therapy for Esther. They have had to put all of their energy in her health. Getting her out of NICU, working on her feedings, and now they are facing another challenge: open heart surgery.

Through this all, Ruth has had to shuttle back and forth to the Children's Hospital (2 hours from her home) and try to keep the rest of her family cared for. Esther has been in the hospital more than she's been out since her birth. She is in the hospital again this week and very sick. Her heart repair is scheduled for Monday if she is well enough. It sounds like once her heart is repaired a lot of her other health problems should improve or resolve.

I will be thinking of her this weekend and her family. Ruth's family will be traveling this weekend to her area, as, sadly, Ruth's uncle passed away this week and the funeral is next week. I hope for safe travel for her family, peace for them as they mourn, and strength for them as they rally together in support of Esther. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as well.

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Beverly said...

We will be praying for this family. Thanks for sharing her story.