Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What a Wonderful Christmas Gift!

Today I read on Just RK about donating to Reece's Rainbow for Christmas, then I followed her links to RR to look at the angels in waiting. I was checking to see how Pavel was doing. I am so happy to see that he has found his forever family! Amy & Jake are not only adopting Oleg, but are also adopting another little boy in the Ukraine with Down syndrome! These two boys will join the couples three daughters, the youngest one has Down syndrome, too. I will be praying for a speedy journey for them and reading their adoption blog, Bringing Home Boys.

Merry Christmas to them!

*I had to edit this because I realized I had his name wrong! Pavel is the one I blogged about before. Doh! Both cutie pies, though!


RK said...

Amen. It's the best thing in the world to see one of those kids find a home, especially when we can watch them grow and thrive once they get there. :o)

jane said...

Wonderful news!!!

Amy said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!! Its so nice to meet you. The more I come across blogs of families who have been praying for these boys long before we had even heard of RR- the more humbled I am!! We just can't wait to bring these little guys home to love on them. And I'm honored that so many are following our journey.

Please continue to pray!
To God be the Glory.