Monday, December 8, 2008

That's my big girl!

Friday was Ella's official 4 month birthday and we celebrated by going to the DR for a well-child appt. Yeah, I'm a fun mom. Anyway, Miss Muffin is growing so fast and here are the stats to prove it!

Weight 15 lbs 3 oz (75th percential)
Height 25" (90th percential)
Head Circumfrance 16" (50th percential)

When I had to get her ready to be weighed, the nurse said "strip her down to her diaper and we'll get her weighed." So I did. The nurse patted Ella on her cloth booty and said, "Go ahead and strip her all the way down to her diaper." I said, "That is her diaper, if I take it off she'll be in her birthday suit." LOL The nurse hadn't seen modern cloth diapers before so she thought they were pretty neat.

The rest of the appt was pretty standard, our DR said E is looking good. Per the Sears schedule, she had her DTap and Rotavirus vaccines. I hate that Rotavirus vaccine, it's oral (which babies just spit out) and it causes some messy poos for a couple of days. Ella made lots of nice juicy toots while G'pa held her this weekend. Of course, I really hated it when Aidan had Rotavirus at age 2 while on a trip to Denver. Puking and having the runs on a 4 hr drive is so disgusting! If this vaccine does it's job I guess it will save us from that misery.

Speaking a yucky tummy bugs, I see from my sidebar here that a lot of our T21 families are fighting the nasties. :( We are doing good so far this winter and I know it won't last with the boys in school. Stay away bugs!


Jennifer said...

When Aidan was a baby they didn't offer the rotavirus vaccine, but Brendan got vaccinated. Just after he was vaccinated, Aidan came down with rotavirus and it swept through our house. Aidan ended up in the hospital and it was really miserable. But, Brendan survived unscathed. I have never been so happy for a vaccine in all my life!

SunflowerMom said...

Yep, my boys didn't get it either and it is a nasty virus! I hate leaky poos.

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Oh, they are all so cute!

The cloth diapers are so awesome these days!

Kim said...

We're on the fast growing baby track with Calvin also. Oh, and on the Sears vaccine schedule. What is it with our families and our similar values? Next thing you know I'll be pregnant with a baby girl, just to follow you with the whole boy, boy, girl thing! (Okay, hopefully I won't be pregnant for a very long time).

I think Eleanor looks a lot like Seans baby pic. Definitely a resemblance there.