Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Re-cap, Vol II

The Re-cap begins here.

We hosted Doug's family for brunch on Christmas Eve. I made Doug's Aunt Linda's Breakfast Casserole at Doug's request, orange rolls per Aidan's request and Mimosa's per my suggestion. Ha ha ha!

In attendance was Doug's mom and dad (Larry and Janice), Doug's brother Curt, Curt's daughter, Mackenzie (who was the birthday girl, turning 10 on Christmas Eve!), Curt's girlfriend, Christine and her two youngest daughters, Abbi and Becca. That's just a bunch of FYI for our East Coast Birch relatives that read the blog. :)

Doug's parents filled us in on their cruise trip around South America that they just returned from the day before, sounded like a cool experience! We enjoyed our meal and had fun opening gifts.

Doug's parents surprised me with a Keurig coffee maker. Doug doesn't drink coffee, so I rarely make it at home. Thus I have a bit of a Starbucks habit. This will be a nice way for me to enjoy some yummy Joe at home.

After a few chilly dips in their outdoor hot tub while they were on vacation, we came to the conclusion that they desperately needed thick Turkish cotton robes for the dash from the hot tub to the house. Larry told me this weekend that he had to snap off a few icicles before getting in the hot tub and the robe was fabulous after his soak!

Curt bought a drum set several months ago and we've been dying to give him this gift ever since- a cow bell for his kit! LOL Just what every drummer needs... MORE COWBELL!

The kids really loved the gifts they received also. Ella is going to have to do some serious pushing around to teach her brother to stay off her princess car!

Gradually we wound things down on time for Ella to catch a nap while we cleaned up and packed to drive out to my family's house. The weather forecast was grim (blizzard conditions and big accumulations predicted) but it was clear enough when we were ready to go so we decided to go for it. We fought the wind on the drive up, but the snow wasn't an issue until later in the evening after we arrived.

Read Vol III to see Christmas Day!

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