Saturday, December 12, 2009

Uno with Nana

Having my mom spend the week with us while my arm is out-of-order has been such a gift! I am so blessed to have her available and interested in helping us and can't thank her enough. She's been thrown in the pit of parenting 3 little ones this week! These kids are busy busy busy and it's a lot for anyone to take on. Then there's me. I haven't been able to help or do what I want and need to do and it's tough giving up things that make you independent. I took the prescribed pain meds for a few days, then quit because it was making me too drowsy and irritable. Not an easy person to be around. Luckily, my arm isn't hurting as consistently now.

Aidan challenged daddy and Nana to a round of Uno one night and they all seemed to have a fun time playing together.

Aidan said Daddy quit after getting beat a few too many times. :)

Not quiet sure how Daddy could lose, since Aidan's card holding technique leaves little mystery involved. Ha ha ha!

My mom left Friday afternoon to go home and spend the weekend with my dad. She wants to get caught up on his laundry and refill her necessities. She's planning on coming back Sunday evening and staying at least until my next doctor appointment on Tuesday morning. Hopefully I will get good news then.


KBH said...

So glad that you have the support and help of your mom! I can't imagine how hard it is to do regular everyday things with just one arm. Blogging is probably not easy either ;)

Sasha said...

Gotta love moms. They are awesome. Hope you are doing well and feeling better.

Sharon said...

Hope you arm is feeling better and you get a good report from the doctor. It is hard and frustrating doing things one handed.