Thursday, December 31, 2009

Take This, You Spam Farmers!

I really really dislike typing in verification codes to leave comments and have been reluctant to set my blog up with it for that reason. However, over the last month my blog has really been attracting spam comments. At first, I just tried to remember to delete them so that I didn't leave a trail of cookie crumbs back here for more of their kind. Apparently that isn't enough so I am sorry to say that I know am requiring word verification on comments.

Hope you will still take the extra minute to use that step and keep in touch with me.

Thank you, friends!


RK said...

Annoying but necessary... just one of those things.

I had them getting through even with word verification too, so I went to moderation on one of my blogs. oh well...

JennyH said...

That stinks!