Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wounded Wing Update

Tuesday, I went in for a follow-up on my broken arm. The xrays showed that it is healing fine, but now they can see a tiny fragment loose in the elbow socket. They will xray it again in January, but will probably just leave it in there. Good news is that I don't have to wear the splint unless I feel like I need to. Woot! The swelling is down and I have more mobility in it now. They said no heavy lifting, or pushing, or hard turning on it. Just to keep gently working on flexibility.

My mom is going home tomorrow, but I think I will be able to manage okay. I took Ella to playgroup this morning and it was my first outing with her since I broke my arm. Luckily, she didn't put up a fight getting in the car seat. Taking Sean to school on Friday will be the test- those two like to conspire against me. ;)

I am slowly starting to work on my Christmas knitting projects and hope to get at least one more finished on time. Only have 40 rows left and I can get about 20 done at a time before it starts hurting.

I did get to give my friend (and knitting guru) a little knitted gift today. A miniature pair of pants to hang on her Christmas tree! Too cute! I am totally inspired to knit a bunch of little mini-clothes for ornaments after finishing this.

Thanks for the well-wishes!


Brandie said...

Thats great that you don't have to wear the splint anymore! It has to be hard wrangling kids with one arm.

JennyH said...

Those are cute!

Glad you are healing nicely. Yay to no splint. Taking it easy with that arm while having 3 kids? Good luck with that!

Cindy said...

Knitting with a broken arm? Makes me feel ashamed I couldn't figure out knitting with two unbroken arms!! And how cute is what you made?!

Amy @ Raising Arrows said...

The ornament is adorable! (btw, love those fair trade sweaters! Gorgeous!)
Hope your had a very Merry Christmas!