Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I have a new first to share... my first broken bone! Yesterday morning, when I was taking Sean to school, I slipped on a patch of black ice in the parking lot and broke my right arm! Actually, it's a radial head fracture. Luckily I wasn't carrying Ella when I fell, in fact I was on my way to get her out of the van when I fell. One of Sean's classmates arrived right after I fell, so his mom stayed at the car with Ella while I took Sean into school. I didn't realize that it was broken- it just hurt really bad.

I left the school and drove to Target to do some Christmas shopping but decided in the parking lot that it just hurt too bad to attempt that. I called Doug and he suggested I go in to see my primary care physician. So I drove to the office and Doug dropped me off at the clinic while he took Ella home. I was there from 9:30-11:30, so I was very glad I didn't have her to entertain that long! My doctor did xrays and diagnosed the fracture, then put me in a sling. He referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, who I saw this morning.

I spent the afternoon resting up, thanks to pain meds. My mom drove out to spend the rest of the week with us to help with the kids. Yay Nana!!

The surgeon did more xrays this morning and thinks it heal well without any surgery. I have it in a splint and sling, but have to take it out a few times a day to practice stretching it so the elbow doesn't get stiff. He said the pain should improve within a week, but it may take a month to completely heal.

Its interesting, to say the least, to discover all the things I do, two handed, that I need to learn a new way to do or ease up my control freak issues and let others take over. Some I don't mind letting go of (hee hee, like diaper changes) and some I can't wait to regain (like hair washing!)

Good thing all these years of baby care has made me a quick one hand typer! LOL


Beverly said...

hope your pain goes away and you heal fast! that must have been scary to fall on ice.

Heidi said...

Oh no! I had a really bad fall last year on ice. I was holding Joel at the time and landed flat on my back and hit my head on the ice. I managed to hang onto Joel(mother's instinct - I guess) so he was fine. I was so sore - but was so thankful I didn't break anything.

I hope your pain goes away quickly and that your arm heals soon. I'm so glad you have some help with the kids. I feel like I need 3 arms at the best of times so being down to 1 would be tough!

JennyH said...

Ouch!! The only broken bone I had was a finger in Jr high.

Hope your arm heals fast and the pain goes away. Glad you weren't carrying Ella.

When I was pregnant with Sam I was carrying Max and tripped up some concrete stairs (it takes talent!). I landed on my knees in a way so Max would not even touch the ground (or my big 'ol belly). And he didn't. My knees on the other hand were really scraped up and bloody. I still have scars and it was over 6 years ago. SO even if you were carrying Ella I bet your momma brain would have somehow managed to keep her safe.

Again- hope you heal fast! It must be hard with only one hand. Good think most moms know how to type one handed!

Jennifer said...

ouch! I hope the pain goes away quickly and you have some help over the next few weeks.

Raising Arrows said...

Well, that stinks! I've never had a broken bone either (almost didn't want to type that...)

Sasha said...

That's to bad. Actually that kinda sucks. I can't believe you were going shopping afterwards:) Luckly you didn't have your little one in your hands, that's how my sister broke a let when she was a baby. My grandpa fell and he was holding her. Hope you feel better and that the meds are working. HUGS

Wendy P said...

I don't know how I missed this, but I wish for you quick healing! SO glad you weren't holding Ella when you fell!