Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Re-cap, Vol III

The story begins here and the middle is here.

We coasted up to spend the rest of Christmas Eve at my mom's house, just missing the snowstorm that hit parts of the Midwest. The kids were excited to see Nana, Papa, Aunt Tanya, Seth and Adam. I think it was well past 10 pm when they all went to sleep.

Christmas Day the awoke to a white blanket surrounding Nana and Papa's house!

My sister tried to drive over in the morning, bringing breakfast for everyone, and got stuck in snowdrifts in her driveway! My dad drove over to get them out and managed to get stuck himself. Luckily, they got his car moving again and they all arrived safely. My sister made a different breakfast casserole for us (her ex-husband's family recipe- I wonder what we ate Christmas morning before we married? LOL)

Lots of unwrapping of gifts...

Breakfast, then my nephews taught us how to play Wii bowling on the vintage-style tv in my parents' family room. Note the real bowling trophies in the background. LMAO!

My mom and sister spent the day making a yummy Christmas dinner. Doug earned major brownie points by tackling the dishes after wards while the rest of us watched National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. He's on Santa's Nice List for next year now.

My sister decided it would be best for them to sleepover rather than dig out the car to drive home. Aidan was so happy with her decision- he has major idol worship for his cousins.

Saturday, Doug spent a huge chunk of the morning shoveling snow and supervising the boys playing in the snow. Seriously, how many brownie points does he need? JK, hunny!

I wanted to get back home so we could get things settled in before Doug goes back to work Monday, and to get to attend church Sunday, so I drug the kids kicking and screaming all the way home that afternoon.

Today we just enjoyed church, relaxed at home, played with the new toys, re-stocked the fridge, and worked on laundry. It's hard to believe it's over already after all that work and planning!

Thanks for sharing about your Christmases and reading about mine! Hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their families.


Sharon said...

Even though we are enjoying our summer, I am fascinated by the idea of a white Christmas. Despite the car hassles and hard work shovelling, it still sounds neat!

Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas! I am enjoying reading about your holiday. Glad to hear it was awesome. When we were all kids we didn't have a clue how much work it is!

Heidi said...

I loved all of the pictures! It sounds like you had a great Christmas!

Beverly said...

looks like a wonderful time. Noah got the same woody blanket:)