Friday, December 4, 2009

The Mother of All Messes!

I posted about this on Facebook yesterday and decided for future reference to write about it here, too. LOL

Sean has always had a *special* ability for making messes. It's a talent he has cultivated for years and is ever so slowly releasing his torch to Ella. He is making sure that she fully comprehends the skills required to make Mega Disasters by providing her with hands on demonstrations.

Case in point, yesterday's Mother of All Messes.

I foolishly thought it was a nice change to use the bathroom by myself. Of course, I know better than to shower with the young ones on the loose. I was merely having quality time on the white throne. Aidan was at school and Sean and Ella were playing with the Imaginext Pirate ship in the living room.

So imagine my surprise when I walked back into the living to discover that one of them had climbed into the fire box of the non-working fireplace, pulled down the insulation that covers the chimney and then proceeded to encourage the other to apparently participate in a black-soot-fairy-dust-dance ritual!

I stood there as my two little chimney sweeps grinned back at me in the midst of their Mega Disaster.

I honestly didn't know whether to scream, cry, laugh, take a photo, faint, spank, run away, or what?!

Deep breath, then I stripped them naked and carried them up to the tub. Eleanor's hair was black, reminding me of my teen Goth days. I washed their hair several times, did lots of rinsing and got them dried off and dressed. I needed a place to contain the now clean cherubs while I dealt with the mess downstairs, so I gated them upstairs to play in their room.

After a futile attempt with a broom and dustpan, I decided the vacuum attachments would work better at cleaning soot off the fireplace tiles. I gathered up the lap blanket that they had rolled around in the soot with and tossed it in the washer with their clothes. I put a handful of toys in the sink to wash, then made a bucket of soapy water to wipe down the rest of the mess.

When I finally had it clean enough to release the kids, I discovered that they had been keeping busy by emptying off their bookcase full of books and dumping baskets of toys all over their room.

They are quick, these two. Very quick and effective.

I attempted to harness their energy into picking up toys while I re-shelved the books. After all that, it was time for Aidan to return home from school. Doug and Aidan couldn't believe they missed out on seeing The Mother of All Messes.

I don't doubt Sean will create another Mega Disaster in the future.


Brandie said...

You should have taken a picture! Seriously, I can't imagine cleaning up fireplace soot! Eeek! 3 kids can get crazy. I finally broke down and bough a pack'n play this spring. I need a few minutes of sanity each day, until she can climb out anyway! BTW, while reading this Goldie decided to unfurl a roll of tp.

Jennifer said...

Oh, I was really hoping for photos! That sounds completely awful!!! So sorry!

Ruby's Mom said...

I wish we could have seen a picture of that!I've had one of my boys play with his toys in the ashes of the fireplace.Oh,my,I bet your kids were a sight all covered in soot :)

Sasha said...

I just have to say that made me laugh. I am just tryng to picture it in my head. I am sure if it happened to me I would certainly not laugh. You seemed to handle it well.

Heidi said...

You totally should have taken a picture!! What a mess ... I'm glad you were able to clean it up! Kids!

JennyH said...

Ha!! Funny. And, yeah, no photos?!

I'm sure that was a huge mess and not an easy one to clean.

Isn't the only time moms get me time is in the bathroom when the kids have not followed you in?!

Beverly said...

oh my, I can see it all in my head. this sounds like stuff that goes on in my house:)