Friday, October 12, 2007


I have heard other parents say that the stubborn gene rests firmly on the 21st chromosome. Others think that the happy gene is the 21st chromosome. Still others believe that angels are formed when trisomies occur.

I'm here to tell you something you might not know.

It's the turkey gene. Yep, you heard me, when the 21st chromosome comes in a set of 3's... a turkey is produced.

I didn't give birth to a Downs baby, I gave birth to a turkey. You could of heard the gobble gobbles clear through the Labor & Delivery Ward!

Now I am sure you are wondering where the scientific evidence is to back this up. Allow me to give you some excellent case studies:

1. Momma sits down to fold a stack of freshly laundered diapers, neatly sorting them in basket- Daddy's Favorites, Teacher's Favorites, Momma Favorites. Little Angel Boy is playing on the back deck with big brother. Momma leaves the room to get the phone. Momma returns to the room to see big brother laying on the floor while little Angel Boy is burying him in the now unfolded stacks of diapers.


2. Momma is writing up a witty or thoughtful or informative story on the computer. Little Angel Boy is sitting on the floor removing every.last.piece.of.paper from the art & coloring drawer of the bookcase.


3. Momma is making dinner in the kitchen, right next to the computer room. Little Angel Boy starts yelling "Mom Mom! Mama! Mom! Mom Mom! Mama! Mom!" He comes trotting into the kitchen, frantically pointing into the computer room. Momma dries her hands and walks in to see what happened. Little Angel Boy leads her to the bathroom where he proudly exhibits his original works of fine chalk drawings on the bathroom door, bathroom cabinets, and computer room carpet. Big smiles on Angel Boy's face.


4. Momma takes Little Angel Boy to the pediatric opthomologist today, concerned about the Popeye face Angel Boy has been making. Momma sits on a chair watching Mr Independent Angel Boy as he sits in the kiddie area. He opens a book to read, then drops it on the floor. Momma raises an eyebrow. He opens another book, quickly closes it and peeks at Momma over his shoulder as he drops it to the ground.

Momma gives a warning, "Sean, we don't throw books on the ground. Clean up, please."

Angel Boy grabs book number three, doesn't even bother to pretend to open it, again gives a little smirk as he drops it to the ground.

Momma starts to fear the other adults will think she is raising a hoodlum, so she gets up and starts walking the 4 steps to the kiddie table.

Little Angel Boy gleefully giggles and rapid-fire tosses books to the ground, trying to clear the table before Momma can grab him.

All other adults in the room are smiling and laughing at Angel Boy.


I rest my case. Mom, let's have ham for Thanksgiving, I have more than enough turkey at home.


RK said...

I am just browsing some of the other 31 for 21 blogs...and you have some GREAT posts! And of course some adorable boys, turkey included!

Jenn said...

LOVE it!

I am reading through your archives to "catch up" on your blog and this one made me giggle out loud. :)